by Mahona Pascal

My Trip to Dar es Salaam


Six Week Assignment

Visit to Tabora

My Testimony

My Trip to Germany

Jesus Has A Plan

Seek His face Always: a prayer journal


by Don Nicol

Knox Church Mouse

Working in Tanzania 2010

Working in Tanzania 2014

Working in Tanzania 2015

The Good Beast

Chiapas, Mexico

Xerggyo's Night Ride

Whiskey and God's Grace

No Longer Eden, Puebla State, Mexico

Look at Those Stars, Northern Ontario kids camp

Ocean Encounter: a near drowning experience

Sylvestre and the Chicken, Puebla, Mexico


by Pearl Dobson

Pearl's bio

God's Provision


by Ninette Di Gangi

Workaholic or Faithful

Hakka Bible Celebration



George Lowe, Mr. Mission

Ken Dresser, Papua New Guinnea

Doug Ord



Elizabeth Matthias

Mahona Pascal

Leah Hopp

Canaan Children's Home