It was full pitch dark, both inside and outside; the power went off before 6 pm and the day was cool ​and ​it was  causing a slight shiver. I spent the evening time at the hostel lounge having fun with friends before they took me to dinner. The phone rang and the screen lit up with mama's name and I picked it up as quickly as I could.

IMG_0011 - Copy


Her sweet drawl  sounded  like the one Mom and I talked with before Christmas day, on 24th of December 2013; lingered over her call with the desire to hear what that sweet drawl was going to say. I jumped for joy with when I realized that it was Aunt Kathrin.  I felt there was some important news due to the tenderness  of her voice


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There was some important news  with her tenderness voice that made me particularly attentive. The conversation was about me going  home, Mommy insisted on this too. Day one was almost over.  I had the all the next day to find out  if I could be permitted by the university to leave for home. Yes, things worked smoothly, the permission wasn't delayed  although of doing  a lot of applications. Denis and I booked our tickets for the bus too. I rolled out of Dar the following day.


with MY AUNT


I arrived earlier -at 8 pm -  than the other days of worrisome travels and I was  weary that day. I was glad about the journey, to be home and to be together with my family again. I awoke very earlier ​on​  the next day of my arrival and I found Mom and Kathrin were ready to leave for ​the ​Manoleo area where Kathrin  taught a seminar for almost two days. Before she left, she  told me to pray for her that our Mighty God will be the mainstay of what she was going to teach about health and God news(you could say the good news of the Lord) to the community.  We had fun together in the evening time, she explained ​to us  how the seminar went and that Mom was translating in  the usual means of communication of the Manoleo community. It was a very good time of joy


​ ​It was nearly the fourth day at home from Dar salaam, and in the evening time  I wanted to visit Mama Naomi [Hanneke's home helper].  Kathrin asked me; "Where  are you on your way to?"  "I have to visit Mama Naomi,"  ​I replied. Kathrin told me gently that I could have to go on the next day since she wanted to examine my health on that day with a special tool she brought  from Germany.  She examined (me) and gave us the report, I am not able to share what the report was…! She had to spend the evening time  to on  applying ointment on my skin in the lamplight. I had two days remaining before I had to return to university, Kathrin made a very sweet sugared cake especially for me and to share with everyone. We all naturally continued to be happy...Happier...And it was​  exciting, and we found ourselves having  great fun each and every  moment!



There was great excitement among the family, everyone was talking and laughing happily. After some time Aunt Kathrin went into her room and came out  with a huge parcel (containing a bundle of clothes, sun protection lotion with a very high protection for me.  She told us to choose, everyone in his/her own size. Oh, we had an excellent time. I was really thrilled and it was the nicest time for all of us. 


Time flew by and it was  time for me to leave, a painful time ​ came​ ​as reflected  on the sweet time together with Aunt Kathrin at home. I was driven almost to tears, as I didn't want to be away from home and I wanted to continue having the nice times with my family and with Aunt Kathrin.

I was already rather panicky and did not know whether Aunt Kathrin will get another holiday to visit us. While on this trip I learned that, human life can't be ruled by human reasons but by the power of God.  I believe that with the guidance from our Mighty God, Aunt Kathrin and I shall meet again. God's love is active and will still be active forever and ever!!