Jim Mason    June 26

Click here for my latest prayer letter.

Nabeel Qureshi    June 23

Health update # 35

Jack and Mary Anne Voelkel    June 22

It's hard to imagine, but 60 years ago this very day we committed ourselves to each other in marriage.  It's been quite a ride – so blessed by the Lord.

Thanks for being part of the journey. Click here for complete update and video. Click here to send greetings to Jack and Mary Anne.

Xerggyo and Hil    June 22

we are good, we have our appointment on the 30 of this month, at 9:00 a.m., please join us in prayer.

Chez and Katie    Mission Hub    June 21

The following is a report written by Tony of Avant ministries about their year working with The Mission Hub:

Jon asked me to send an email to  asses the  first year of our  hiring of a Mobilizer for the University of Toronto  with  collaboration and support from 4 other Missions as well as Knox Presbyterian Church. The following is my thoughts on this:

As I look back on this year and reflect I could easily conclude that this entire year was a bust for Avant. I f I look at the number of people recruited for Avant the number is 0. If I look at the number of interns we got the number again is 0. As missionary agencies we tend to judge if a program is successful by the number of people that joined us out of this program. As we did not get anyone I guess we should say it was a failure.

  Then I looked at what has transpired this year and I get goosebumps all over me.  It began with the application period where we saw numerous of application for this position come in. Out of these we interviewed four quality people. Anyone of them would have done a great job in this position. What did I learn from this? First of all we saw six people decide on one person because we gave up our personal agendas and chose the person best suited for this initial posting. We had six strong individuals who stood up for the common good and hired the person that fit us the best. The second thing I learned from this is that there are a lot of quality recruiters here in Canada but they shy away from Missions because they have to raise support. As this position was a paid one there was a lot of applications. Why is that the case? I believe that is because our generation have complained so much about having to raise our support that we have turned off the next generation to support raising. I believe that we really need to begin promoting throughout our organization the awesome privilege and joy it is to live from support or we will loose an entire generation of new missionaries. The damage is so deep that we may as Mission Agencies need to change our strategies. We may need to raise much more support for our agencies so that we can pay our recruiters.  Having said that as we recruit new missionaries and train them in support raising we are seeing many of them get their support in record amount of time. So there  is hope.

Secondly as we began doing ministry in September I was excited to see the stories and news that was being broadcasted through the web page about all of our Mission Agencies. Awareness of who we are as Agencies has increased greatly because of this median of advertising. Not only that students began to see us as people who were passionate about Missions but who also cared deeply for one another. They saw us working together rather than trying to get them to choose just our own agency. This began a process where student organizations learned from our example and asked how they could work together with each other. Collaboration is the buzz word on campus and its because we modelled it as Agencies. 

Thirdly we held events that were truly meaningful to our students on campus. The internship night was really exciting. We showed students all the different aspects of work on the Mission fields not just evangelism but technical skills and teaching skills. Students eyes were open to the fact no matter what career path they have chosen it can be used on the Mission field. I had a mechanical engineer talk to Mark Penner in Central Asia about doing an internship with him. In  the end he chose to do something locally for his first summer but he was also in my group of students who said they were interested in long term Missions some day after they graduated. It may be six years or longer before he goes but seeds have been planted. He knows that Avant is open to using his degree some where in the world for God's glory. That is real success in my eyes. The last event that we had was an evening of prayer with all the different campus groups at Knox. We had over 150 people attend to pray for one another. After praying we broke up into smaller groups on all different Mission topics. I had 13 people interested in long term Missions that I spoke too. To be able to touch there lives with the message of Missions was a highlight for me.

We have to remember that first of all we would not be able to do this on a university campus without the connections that our Common Mobilizer has with these campus groups. I cannot just walk onto a campus as an Avant Recruiter and speak to students about Missions. Secondly we have to remember that these students are at the University to get a degree.. Their interest in Missions for the most of them is in the future. I do see an untapped resource that we as Avant are in on  from the beginning. The students we are reaching on the University campus are strong committed Christians and a breath of fresh air for us in recruitment. I hate fighting Toronto traffic to get to these  events etc, but I so enjoy my times when I get there.  Traffic is horrible but I would not want to miss any of the events.

In conclusion we have as a Mission committed to a 2 year trial period. In my opinion we probably need to commit to this long term in order to see the results of new missionaries joining Avant. Even if we say after two years we cannot carry this project further I would deem it a success in every aspect of ministry. I am so happy and enthused that I was able to be part of this journey and its a wonderful way to end my recruitment years. I do know there are Missions who would really like to be part of this adventure so I believe it will continue. I also would love to see it duplicated in universities across Canada.

Paul and Mary Beth McLean    June 21

Here are two blogs I wrote for the PCC site:     Manias and Bunun Bible Translation     Taiwan's Aboriginal Language Development Act

Wally Lee    June 20

Continue to pray for Wally as he faces the poszsibility of radiation following his prostate operation. Wally and Bern are incredible supporters of KWM workers.

Knox Renovation    A peek inside the stained glass restoration studio    June 20

All the main, Spadina window will be completely dismantled, cleaned, restored and then painstakingly reassembled.  Great progress is being made and we look forward to having it reinstalled in the sanctuary

Hanneke Cost Budde    June 20

Click here for the latest from Tabora!

Thanks again for all your loving support and may the Lord bless you richly!!!

Flora McKinlay    June 20

Please remember to pray for Flora McKinley. She has had two falls in the last few days and remains weak and is undergoing her doctor's treatment. Flora and Ed have been key in supporting the work of KWM. If you would like to send Flora an email, click here.

Hanneke Cost Budde    Update    June 18

We just came back from the hospital and Ngassa has another infection in the bone. Tomorrow he will be operated on. I know you will pray for him.

Faraja is his happy self and needs soft diet for 3 days. I bought some yoghurt which he loves. Tonight we will have your favorite dinner...fish. 

Baraka is with us and is becoming a bit stir crazy. 

We hope to watch a video this evening. 

Xerggyo and Hil    June 17

Our garden, that's the luck of this month. We will apply for visa renewal soon.

Sylvia Dresser    June 17

Huberts report from Merauke that after teaching on baptism at the Bible School the staff learned that several students had never been baptized.

When there was enough water in the pond behind the school, seven students and three wives were baptized. A few weeks later Huberts were rejoicing at participating in their son Daniel's baptism at the MK high school in Sentani.

Jim Mason    June 17

Click here for my July prayer musings.

Dom Goold    June 17

This coming week:

Helina (pictured above) and I are heading out this morning to Denman Island (Vancouver, BC). We will join 33 other staff and 7 other students to learn and listen to Holy Spirit about evangelism. It should be a movement shaping time. Please pray for the time to be significant and fruitful, and that we can translate what we learn back to our community and onto campus!

On Campus....while we are away, student leaders will be continuing the call given through our Acts study to depend on Holy Spirit to direct us as we seek to love and get to know our friends in our classes. We are hoping to find those Jesus is sending to us--both followers of Jesus to join us in mission and those who are wanting to know who Jesus is and don't know it yet. Please pray with the students as they pray and go!

Thank you for those who can pray with us this week!!

Hanneke Cost Budde    June 17

Today we are in Mwanza. This morning we went to the dentist and Faraja had a molar extracted. This afternoon I am taking Ngassa to the specialist and will let you know the results. 

Paul Johansen    June 15

I am leading a retreat for "inmate pastors" who are also lifers at the Louisiana State Penitentiary - Angola ( Thurs - Sat ) Please pray for a refreshing of the Spirit as we give and receive in this unique situation. Two videos - The Farm ( Netflix) and New Hope - Angola - videos tell an incredible story

Mahona Pascal    June 15


 I ask God to accompany you everywhere you go,

I ask God if you feel weak to strengthen you,


 I ask God if you feel sad to fulfill you with His joy,

I ask God that if you are sick to heal you,


 I ask God that if you have fallen to lift you up once again,

so that you can aim high like an eagle,


I ask God to make all your dreams a reality,

I ask God to bless you like never before, 


 I ask God that you are fed the food that leads you to aim higher,

 higher so you soar like an eagle,


 May His Word touch you in such a way seeds are planted in your hearts,

to grow on fertile land,


 I ask God to bless you on your day,

Give you happiness and grace,


Leah Hopp    June 15

My leg has improved a lot over the past six weeks since the accident. The pain has been much more bearable recently. Please pray that the deep bruising and lumps will completely disappear soon. I walked to the villages twice this week with no ill effects.

I will have a Skype meeting on Monday afternoon with a company that makes the teaching materials that I use for the community health program. Their products are excellent, but it has been two years now that I've been trying to develop a new curriculum with them. Please pray that we can agree on a way to move forward in a more timely manner.

Katie Fuller    Mission Hub    June 14

This is a newsletter on being a strong sending church. It's created by one of my favourite co-workers. He's American but a TCK so just as confused as me :). 

I've been enjoying the articles he suggests so I thought I'd pass it along in case it was something you were interested in subscribing too as well. Click here.

Hanneke Cost Budde    June 13

We hope that the new building in Malumba will open in about 2 -3 weeks. I have to take Ngassa to Mwanza this week as the Dr. has returned from his trip  to Uganda. We have an appointment for this Saturday. He hopes that the surgery will just be a skin-graft but we will need to  take an Xray first to make sure there is no infection in the bone. We will also  see a real  dentist while we are in Mwanza. 

Today ...yes busy as usual...Had to buy 45 meters of black water line and four connectors. It took them about 5 hours of digging to get the line fixed....(We will see tomorrow as they will turn on the water)

I took the bishop to see Malumba and the well. He is very excited about all of it. I went to Kazima orphanage where they have 21 little ones. They are having difficulties as their main worker who is in charge when Pauline is not there, has left. Pauline and John have planned a short furlough and probably paid for their tickets but now they are desperate  to find someone who speaks English as well as Swahili to run the place while they are gone...Today John's blood pressure was quite high. They hope that my Margaret, one of my kids, can help out.

Dave and Susan Jeffery    June 13

We're fine, our summer session at CanIL kicks off this morning with a big group of new students. I start teaching tomorrow with 42 students in my class!

Hanneke Cost Budde    June 13

Here all is as usual...busy, busy, busy..etc. I had trouble with my modem and had no internet over the weekend. On Friday they plowed all the roads in my area and cut all the water lines....Oh joy! Today I went to the water works of the municipality. They had a lot of complaints and the manager called a "Fundi"..This man is coming tomorrow and is supposed to give me a list of the items I need to get it fixed. As they cut about 10 to 15 meters of my line in 2 places I will need about 15 meters to replace it and connectors. So much for services! I may have to pay for their digging as well. I do hope it gets fixed as I am almost out of water.

Last night the bishop was robbed of all his chickens...by his guard...who is now in prison. The bishop was quite sad as his wife had been the one raising chickens for him. Tomorrow he will come to Malumba to have a look at the new building.

The kids are doing ok but I can use some extra prayers for Baraka who may have some friends influencing him in a negative way. On the weekend he was to go to  get his head shaved and he did not return the change which was quite a bit for here.  Today I confronted him  and he took off. After I came home I went looking for him and found him and took him home. He was quite impossible and refused to listen or to talk. Then I received a call from some Government officials who wanted to see me at Malumba. So I had to go. He took off again but had cooled down enough  to leave me a note apologizing. After I came home he did show up on time and was helpful and told me he won't do it again. 

Ngassa also need prayers again as he is very much up and down with his mood swings. At least today he was better again.

WE will probably go to Mwanza this weekend . Ngassa needs to see the specialist re. the wound on his leg.

I will take the whole bunch to have some outing as well. Pray for safe travels. I will let you know if and when we go.

Nabeel Qureshi    June 12

Click photo above for Nabeel's blog 34. "A very quick update asking for prayers as I go in for immunotherapy - God, please work a miracle!"

Luke and Yuko Elliot    June 12

Thank you so much for your continued prayers.  We are especially grateful that Johnny is very strong and healthy.  So far in his life, every June has come with a serious health crisis and we pray that this will be his first hospital-free June.

We have been truly blessed by the community of brothers and sisters at Gorrie Bible Fellowship (GBF), one of our supporting churches.  We have especially been deeply moved by the sacrificial generosity of certain members who have made it possible for us to have a place to live and a vehicle to drive for the month of June.  We have really been enjoying our visits to many of the GBF cell groups during our time here.

We will be house sitting in Toronto (Bathurst & St. Claire W.) for July & August.

We have a tentative housing opportunity in Toronto (Etobicoke) for Septembe-January which we need to make a decision about in the next couple of days.  Please pray for wisdom and guidance.

On June 11 we had a wonderful time preaching and sharing about the Aomori Christian Center (ACC) at Mississauga Presbyterian Church, the home church of our long time friend, supporter and regular short term mission worker Jo Fung.

Please pray for these important dates:

June 18 -- we share about ACC at Gorrie Bible Fellowship during the evening service

June 25 -- we visit Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church and do a special children's program for the elementary aged kids and their parents

June 29-July 1 -- we transition back to residing in Toronto

July 8-9
-- Grace Toronto Japanese Church (GTJC) summer retreat (Luke preaches)

Luke will be preaching at GTJC every second Sunday of the month (flexible, if another church calls us for a second Sunday)

October 22 -- Speaking at an ACEM church

October 28 -- Presenting at Heart for Asia - Kingston (tentative)

October 29 -- Speaking at an ACEM church

Elizabeth Matthias    June 11

Increasingly I am gripped by the depth of the glory of Pentecost, by the fact that 2000 years ago "new creation" was powerfully set into motion, and the weight of the fulfillment of the Coming of the Messiah was accomplished then on the cross of Christ and a new age has dawned, so that each of us "in Christ" is already living a part of the future in this age of the Spirit!  How else can we begin to "put to death" the old nature, and "put on" the new?  And we can! 

"Yes, we can!"  Hallelujah!!!  The unfounded optimism of the politicians--be they in Germany or elsewhere--pales against St. Paul's "we are more than conquerors--through Him who loved us!"  With Christ we are given the glorious goal and purpose of our lives, to glorify and enjoy God, and to advance His Kingdom until Christ returns.  In my corner of the Vineyard this is how it has been working out...


AZ and PA in March  Although for a few months there was a tugging at my heart to attend a conference in Prescott, AZ, from March 6 yjtpihj 10, I wasn't sure that it was the Lord's will for me to do so until very shortly before the dates, especially when I also had the chance for a brief visit to all three of my favorite churches in PA, flying into and out of the States.  The conference with Discipling Nations Alliance was a huge blessing to my soul!  In about 2004 I'd first heard of Darrow Miller's book, Discipling Nations: The Power of Truth to Transform Cultures in Nigeria, which profoundly impacted my understanding of worldviews and the need for conversion also to happen at that level before it would be complete.  Since then I've been on the DNA mailing list. Though not qualified to attend the conference for 120 heads of organizations(!), they made an exception for me(!), and I was privileged to hear amazing accounts about the Lord working in power to transform individual minds and hearts to impact  ever-expanding pockets of culture, reversing the curse at all levels.  (It was great to room with two visionaries—Ena from South Africa and Judith from Uganda!)  I'm now wrestling through this more seriously to know what that means for our secular multi-cultural climate in Germany—with about 10 new books to help me—each with a precious impact on my soul.  Let me mention Darrow Miller's: Nurturing the Nations: Reclaiming the Dignity of Women in Building Healthy Cultures, which deals with the intersection of worldview, women and poverty. Good biblical theology that liberates! (In the Lord's wonderful providence there was one man from Nigeria attending—and he a Tiv man, born where I worked for five years, now advancing these powerful truths in Nigeria!  Neither of us expected to hear Tiv in Prescott!)


I regret that on this trip I didn't have more than 10 days in PA, so that I wasn't able to speak with many more beyond pastors and missions committees—and give a quick greeting during the Sunday morning services—though it did my soul a world of good to see you all and receive your very warm welcomes!  My next visit will be more extended!  Pressing needs in Munich were calling me back... 

Working with the Munich churches GCM, FeG, MICC & various “miscellaneous” saints!

Were it not for Pentecost, for the out-pouring of the Spirit, through the victory of Christ won on the cross, where would we be?  I don't want to think about that!  However, “in Christ” there is a great victory, and we press on to take hold of all for which we have been taken hold of, struggling with all His energy (increasingly—by your prayers!), to present everyone perfect in Christ.  The post-modern lawlessness of the last 50 years continues its toll on many lives in Munich, and it is our privilege to come alongside them and sift through hearts and minds infested with the evil of suffering and sin, and bring the death-defying truth of the love of God in Christ, the grace of forgiveness and the power of the Spirit to bring images of God the glory our Creator intended, that they walk in step with the Spirit.  Domestic violence, sexual confusion, sexual abuse, identity disorder, “hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions...and the like” are the "acts of the sinful nature" we are dealing with (Gal 5:20-21).  Thankfully the Bible sees and addresses the problem! One counselee spoke with her therapist last week who said that the “lies” she was recognizing was a word too “negative” to describe herself!   Three other counselees also let me know that the medications their psychiatrists put them on are not helping, even making their challenges more difficult, and they are realizing that even for the "hard cases" of DSMV/ICD10 classifications, a deeper understanding of the Gospel and their relationship with Christ is what truly helps them recover control to live good lives.  Amen!  The battle to live moral lives is not won primarily through chemicals, but by the Spirit!  This week I ended skype counselling with one of the “miscellaneous saints” I've been working with (a request through CCEF for a student pastor's wife in France when two psychiatrists were not sufficiently helping), interrupting her frequently with "Amen!" as she related all the wonderful things she's been understanding lately in pursuing her call with her husband!  Wrestling down the flesh in the power of the Spirit—this glorious process and privilege of sanctification—is hard work (who doesn't know this?), but we are doggedly pursuing more of this certain victory—though a solid break-through, especially in some individual hearts, for them to take up their crosses themselves, yet remains elusive, in spite of significant advancements, so please continue to pray for C, D, C&P and S, and add P&K...

Training in Counseling The lecture on counseling I'd been asked to give at the FeG (Freie evangelikale Gemeinde München-Mitte) for the student pastors they are training was appreciated and I've been asked to return—which I count a privilege.  Training the lay counsellors of that church has developed into a two week rhythm (Tuesday evenings) and we are excited about our times together.  Alternate Saturday mornings I also mentor one of those lay counsellors while counselling another "miscellaneous saint," a young woman struggling with her past—it's great to use skype for 3-way counselling and mentoring from our homes!  In October I've been asked to contribute again at a pastor's conference hosted through MICC.  Beyond Munich, MBS Linz has asked me to teach again in a few months, and a new request from a small group of reformed pastors in Hungary is in the pipeline.

GCM's Annual Church Retreat in Italy (Garda Lake)—June 12-17thTomorrow about 65 members and adherents of Gospel Church Munich are again headed south to a small and wonderful pension run by five nuns where we will study the book of Jonah and enjoy this fabulous Italian lake and countryside!  Please pray that all our hearts will be captured and conquered by the Lord so that we will recognize and relinquish more areas of our lives not fully submitted to Him—may we all be strengthened in Christ and in our fellowship with one another!  Pray also for many intentional conversations: ten individuals on the retreat have sought/seek counsel from me—there will be great opportunities to advance the work of the Spirit with them further, as well as others who also come with issues to be addressed.  Progressive sanctification advances: two years ago an estranged couple came to the retreat to begin reconciliation with one another, last year they came together, and this year they are coming with two of their teenage children!  After two decades of dysfunction there are still serious issues to bring to the cross, but we are all moving together in that direction!

My DMin project... At the risk of over-trying your patience, and out of my deep need, I would like to ask again for prayer for the project...   During the summer I intend to give it more concentrated attention to complete it this year, the Lord willing.

Personal: The 1000 "paper-cuts" previously plaguing me are not letting up, sometimes in hitting me in strange ways as I outwardly "waste away"...  Prayers for my health are greatly appreciated. (Perspective: two weeks ago a sweet woman from GCM, also a counselee, fell and broke her back—though is now fully recovering at home after being salt and light at the hospital.  There are differing degrees of suffering from which to live for the Lord!)

The European/Global political context:  Isn't revival our most pressing need?  And isn't this happening?  As in the days of Josiah, and in the days of Luther, may the Spirit enable so that the wonderful Book of the Law and its glorious Gospel be rediscovered globally, that though the Lord's anger must be great because we and our fathers have forsaken Him and not obeyed the words of His Book to escape evil and to honor Him, may we be led to repentance, enabled to turn increasingly from the sin that so easily entangles, and follow Him with all our hearts to glorify Him and be salt and light in this dark world!

Nabeel Qureshi    June 9

Nabeel shares his vblog 33 with his father. Click here or photo.

Leah Hopp    June 9

My leg that I injured three weeks ago when I fell off a pikipiki, has improved a lot. It doesn't hurt to walk anymore for which I praise God. It's still bruised and lumpy inside. I think it will still take some time to fully heal but I'm going to go out to the villages once or twice next week.
I hired a temporary worker while one of my ladies is on maternity leave and she is doing a good job teaching so far.
The construction on the clinic is still making good progress. I took a few pictures that I will blog about soon and will also send you a link. Thank you for your prayers. They are a lifeline!

Sarah Kerr    Mission Hub    June 8

God is so good...Missions Hub Testimony & Thanks:

I was sitting at my desk in February, feeling overwhelmed and crying out in my heart...God I need YOU to provide funding again this year for SchoolBOX.  (Our budget is over $800K and there are only 2 of us in Canada.  We are supporting 20,000 kids with education in Nicargaua, building 14 new classrooms, 15+ libraries, a new pilot library project in an Indigenous community here at home and so much more.)

As I was praying (OK, more like yelling at God in my heart), an older gentleman was meeting with Katie, the Missions Hub coordinator, in the conference room.  He came out and told me he was a retired pastor and was visiting the Hub to help his young friend from South America Mission.  He asked what I was working on and I told him about SchoolBOX. 

He said, "you should contact my niece who runs Acts of Grace Foundation".  I went to their website and the deadline for funding was that Friday!  I thought OK God, that was pretty immediate, and put together a brief. 

The foundation approved our brief and accepted us to round 2 of the application.  Frances, this gentleman's neice who is the Executive Director, and the founders, came to meet us at the Missions Hub with our country Director, Ronald Chavarria, on Skype.  

We told them more about SchoolBOX and La Sabana school, which is a very isolated community in rural Nicaragua that has an entire class of kindergarten kids studying in a delapitated structure.  The need for hope and a safe structure for these little guys is urgent given they are in an earthquake red zone.  The land is legalized, the teachers are in place and families are eager to help build a safe structure for their kids.  We simply need the funds to build.

Read more here / see the photo below: https://schoolbox.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Tools-4-Schools-La-Sabana.pdf

Today, we received a cheque for $25,000 and note to say the Acts of Grace Foundation granting committee approved funding for the construction of the entire preschool and washrooms at La Sabana School in rural Nicaragua.  Praise God!

Huge thanks to Knox World Mission for supporting SchoolBOX with desk space in the missions Hub, which helps us keep our admin down but also helps us to connect with amazing opportunities like this.  I'm so grateful to Tom, Katie & Chez for your prayers and support through this process.  And thanks Phil for continuing to support the vision of the Hub at Knox.  We can follow Jesus, love our city AND serve the world.  God is so abundant.  Go Missions Hub!

In case you're interested in learning more about Acts of Grace Foundation, check out all 6 of their grant recipients for 2017 and visit their website: www.actsofgrace.ca.  They are funding Partners Worldwide, Global Disciples, Asian Outreach, Listen to Learn & The Wellspring Foundation as well.

Gord and Brenda Nickerson      June 8


'Roots' ... our word for 2017

With our whole family returning to Europe for this year's staff conference ~ the first time since 2004 ~ and then traveling back to where we used to live and serve in Poland with our now grown up kids, we knew that ROOTS would be our theme for this year. Not only in a looking back way, but in an organic, growing, moving forward way. Having roots, as an individual, as a family, and as a Christian, is all about depth and a foundation in order to grow strong and have something to build on, ...yielding the fruit of gratitude to God.

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.  ~ Colossians 2:6-7
Thanking God for His past provisions like this home in Lodz, a duplex full of memories for our children. As we remember the miracle that brought us to this particular home, our faith is fueled as we soon begin searching for a new nest in British Columbia this fall.
Thanking God for his continued faithfulness to those we have served with ~
...pictured below, Brenda is holding baby Bernard, the son of one of our Polish summer interns from years ago, Marta. She now lives out her faith as a wife and mother and as a professor at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. 

...and pictured above, many of you may remember our good friend and former colleague, Leszek, previously serving all the Baptist Union youth ministries in Poland, and now as the Lead Pastor in the Lodz Baptist Church.  He and Ania love shepherding and mentoring many in their care.
Grateful for good family memories, old and new as we squished into a little Eurovan for a week and drove, and walked, many miles down memory lane and introduced Katie's husband Dane to some of our favorite family places, even the little pizza joint where our kids had celebrated many birthdays. Recounting God's faithfulness to each of us gives hope for our next steps ...for Amy serving with JV in Czech Republic, for Brad putting his roots down in Austin, for Katie & Dane anticipating their first child this fall also in Texas, and for us in transition to Canada and this next season.
Brenda trying to use a selfie-stick (while the kids snicker) as we revisit our favorite old town square, in Krakow, Poland.
Now for a little change, listen to a brief word of thanks (to all of you) from a family we love and currently serve with!  Matt & Amy, along with their 4 kiddos, live in Pisek, near Prague, CZ and have been on staff with JV now for over 5 years. We visited with them last fall in their home in CZ, but remember first meeting with them on a ministry trip to the Denver area. Matt was the Student Ministries Pastor at a mega church there at the time, and we had a great heart to heart conversation with them then at the outset of God completely changing the direction of their lives.
A short word of thanks from Matt & Amy!
Click on this video ...and listen to a short word of thanks from Matt & Amy (along with a guest appearance by their youngest :-)

(And watch for more clips with others we've met with, in future newsletters...)
Current prayer requests
...for health and strength these days (...since both of us have been hit with bad viruses this winter and spring)
...for the many who are leading and attending summer English, sports and music camps (hosted by national/local church youth groups partnering with JV) all over Central & Eastern Europe
...for Amy as she hosts 2 communication interns this summer, and travels to ministries in Serbia, Bulgaria, and Ukraine
...for God's leading in all the details of our summer/fall move to Canada
...for Katie as she carries their first child, our little grandson to be born mid-October!!

Thanking God for all of your support and prayer over the last 20 years, and now as we move forward in faith to what is next,

Gord & Brenda
If you'd like to help with our crazy costly but necessary moving expenses,
with a special one-time gift, we would so appreciate it.
All donations are tax-deductible.
Please click the applicable link below!


Knox Latvia Team    June 8

Did you know, this year will mark the 3rd year of Knox sending out a team to Latvia to partner and serve with Josiah Venture and Pavila Church in running an excellent gospel and rock band summer camp experience? Our commitment was to partner for 3 years, so this summer will see us send out a last team before we take a break next year.

This year our team is:
Lance, Arrie, Aina, Vilte, Chris and myself.
We'll be travelling from July 18-August 2nd.

 Sing-it-Loud Party: Celebrating 3yrs in Latvia! 

Saturday, June 24 @ 6:30pm

644 Spadina Avenue (Knox House)

You're warmly invited to join in a celebration, similar to our sing-along fundraiser last year. Come join in the party as we...

- warm up for camp by learning and singing out a couple songs together with Lance and Patrick

- fill our faces with delicious food

- hear an update about our friends in Latvia

- help us write some notes of encouragement to the Latvian youth and leaders we'll be working with

- make a donation to support KWM, our most generous sponsor!  

Try your best to come for 6:30 to get some dinner and get ready to sing at 7pm. Just like at camp, you don't need to be a singer, but everyone gets to sing :D

RSVP here to let us know you're coming! 

Come Pray with Us

Sunday, July 16 @ Knox's 11am Worship

We'll take some time during the service to send our team out with some prayer. We'd love your presence with us.

Read more! 

Check out the June Events Guide at Knox for a written up about our partnership with JV and points for prayer. Printed copies available at the church and will soon be on our website, knoxtoronto.org

Look out for the next Knox Reader, for an interview with me about our partnership and God's faithfulness. Print copies will be available at the church in early July.

Join our prayer support list - we'll send out a few emails before and during camp week for you to join us in ministry through prayer. Sign up here (if you haven't already)

Heaja Lee-Kushnier    June 7

A long time friend of many KWM workers, Heaja, passed away peacefully, with her husband by her side early this morning at the Kensington Hospice. No service is planned at this time, any memorials can be mad in her honour at the Kensington Hospice. The care she received there was excellent.

Xerggyo and Hil    June 7

They are entering into many conversations with neighbors by treating them to their Latino version of the cheesecake. They will be applying for a visa at the end of this month and would be encouraged by your prayers.

Hanneke Cost Budde    June 4

I am writing re. the furlough I hoped to have. However things are not always going the way you want to. I really wanted to see everyone but the schedule of the kids do not allow for enough time to come to Canada. (You are always welcome to visit us! Jacky, Baraka and Faraja came home last Friday.  What a joy to have them home again!! Faraja had grown about 3 inches! They are all doing very well in school. Baraka and Faraja have an A average again! We had a visiting day for Christina and she is doing great. She was sad to have to stay but as all her class mates have to stay as well they find comfort in each other. They all want to pass the National exam.

Jacky has some struggles with math and Mahona will give her some tuition. Saturday we went with Faraja to get his new bike. He got a really nice mountain bike. Yellow with some purple. He loves it! He was still riding the little kids' bike but his legs are far too long for this. The cost....$130/- all the kids have a nice bike now and enjoy riding around.

Re. the kids' schedule: They are home until July 12th! Then Christina's graduation is on August 12.  For me to travel several days, visit my mom and family and then coming to Canada does not give me enough time for decent visits. (My mom is still doing quite well although there are days she won't get up as she is too tired) So now I do hope to visit my mom and family in Holland and to see my dear friend Kathrin in Germany whose parents are both having big health problems. I am looking at a time for next year. Probably after Easter when the kids are back in school until the end of May.... We will wait and see. 

My worker and friend Naomi left this morning for her own home. She is so happy and is doing well. The kids went with her yesterday to make sure her home was clean for her and this morning they went with her to take her home. Yesterday we had no electricity until midnight. She was planning on going home but without any lights anywhere she decided to stay overnight. 

This year we have a drought in many areas in Tanzania. Also Tabora did not get any rains during the first rainy season and the second rains stopped early. We are looking into getting some food aid for the very poor widows and very elderly and parents living with HIV/AIDS. 

Ann Chow    June 3

The North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies is now done and went quite well.  It was held in Portland, Oregon and about 100 people came from far flung places across North America and Panama!


Thanks for your prayers, it was a huge blessing. It was fairly logistically smooth, praise God!

Donna Dong    June 3

I learned from friends at Kingsway Baptist Church that a song and story evening with Steve Bell and Cheryl Bear, will be taking place at their church.  Cheryl Bear is a First Nations leader I highly respect and whose music and story I've enjoyed.  Steve Bell you most probably know already. Click here for more information.

Threefold Ministries    Wayne and Helen Hancock    June 2

We have news to share!  Please follow this link to our blog post on our new website for the details.  Please watch for further updates in our upcoming newsletter and future communications. 

It's an exciting time!

Nabeel Qureshi    June 1

Click here for Nabeel's bog # 32



Double Your Impact.

In East Africa, more than 20 million people are at risk of starvation as a result of severe drought conditions and intensifying conflict.  Children are being particularly affected by these humanitarian crises as some 1.4 million are now at risk of death from severe acute malnutrition. 

Basic necessities are needed urgently. At present, SIM has relief efforts operating in South Sudan and Ethiopia. 

Every dollar given now will be matched* by the Canadian government until June 30, 2017. You have an opportunity to make an incredible impact!

Click here to donate through SIM

Jim Mason    May 30

Click here for Jim's June prayer bulletin.

Nabeel Qureshi    May 29

For Nabeel's blog click here: Blog 30 and Blog 31

Rosemary Walker    May 28

Thanks very much to those who have been praying for little Kylie.  Our international director, "Dr. Luke," sent us this update last Friday:

                A number of you have asked about Kylie.  Because of the serious issues with her lungs, she has been put on a mechanical lung  (ECMO to you medicos) and is more stable because of that.  There are still concerns about possible brain injury, but the     biggest issue right now if for her lungs to heal and for her to be able to breathe on her own.  Please keep praying!

                All glory to our victorious Lord!

It is the end of a beautiful Lord's Day here in Bunia. I enjoyed the French service in a small church on the other side of town, getting there by motorcycle taxi – a great way to see around town for sure! I love it.  The sermon was one of a series on marriage, emphasizing the man's responsibility to have a house and a job if he wanted to get married. Everyone was drinking it in, and the fellowship was very sweet. At 4 pm, I went to the English service in our City Church nearer to home. It was also a blessing, about the Lord's Ascension and its importance for us as believers. I was delighted to meet someone I had taught at the Institut Supérieur Pédagogique (where I am teaching now) back in the 1990s! Onzi has been teaching English in the town of Adi for 18 years, but has recently come back to Bunia as he was the back-up member of parliament for Adi, and the actual member of parliament has been named to the new cabinet of the government in Kinshasa. This has made Mr. Onzi the new member of parliament until the elections. I'm sure he would appreciate your prayers for him in this challenging new position. 

Unless the Lord directs otherwise, it looks like I will be coming home in September. In this case, I will be available to serve the mission and/or local churches in Quebec one way or another from mid-September to mid-January next year. After that, I've asked for another six-month oversea assignment, beginning in February, 2018. Your prayers for the Lord's leading in regards to these questions would be much appreciated.  "Thy will be done."

I just finished this afternoon reading the amazing biography of Oswald J. Smith, Fire in His Bones, by Lois Neely (Tyndale House Publishers, Wheaton, IL). It was an inspiration and a challenge, and I'd highly recommend it, perhaps for Sunday afternoon reading. (I thank the Lord for the day of rest, which seems to be my only chance to read these days! J )  

It has been quite a challenge, to say the least, to teach computers with only three laptops available at the school and no current in our classroom, not to mention access to the internet at the school. (The school's computers were stolen a while ago now, so we took some classes at the church, where some computers were available.) Please pray for us all as we draw towards the end of the school year in July, and also for the Ministry of Education to come through soon with the official legal recognition of our teacher-training college as an institution of higher education in the Democratic Republic of Con

Thanks so much for all the prayers and gifts that enable me to carry on here in Bunia; and thanks, too, to those who have dropped me a note. God bless and keep you all!

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