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Knox World Mission

Ruth Thomson
October 20

I would appreciate your prayers as these coming months of November, December and January are in confusion. You all know about David, my adopted African son. After November he can no longer renew his visa in the country in which he is working and will be stateless. He has been refused a Canadian visa so we are trying for an American visa which will hopefully facilitate a Canadian visa. Please pray that he will be able to get a visa and attend Bible College here in Ontario and then go on to fulfill his dream of being an evangelist.
My plans are intertwined with David’s visa plans. But I hope to go to Brazil in late November and visit many villages to encourage them in their walk with the Lord and initiate a team of Kayapó who can partner with me in revising the New Testament and go on to start Old Testament translation.
Above and beyond that, my Brazilian partner and I want to do more recordings of Scripture portions and Bible stories for that other closed tribe. And then a Brazilian Presbyterian minister together with Wakõkra, is making an outreach to yet another tribe and they want me to partner with them in this outreach – which I very much want to do as I am interested in this tribe.
Wow! Big plans for the Kayapó tribe, and then big plans for these other two tribes. Then I am still very much involved with the orphanage in Kenya. How can I fit all that into a few months? I certainly don’t know how God is going to work things out but I know He will. Please pray that the Lord will give me wisdom and strength for all of this.
I thank you for your prayers, your love and continued interest. And I thank God for complete healing of that virus that attacked me last March.

Xerggyo & Hil
October 19

Finally our papers arrived at home two days ago, an extension for an other year.

We appreciate all of your prayer during this critical time for us, close to four months waiting,
it is hard, but the Lord again answer all of your request for us. 


Holley Robertson, October 20

Following the operation: "The icu doctor was very happy with all of Holley's progressions since she first arrived in icu – 6 weeks ago. When he walked in he smiled widely and said 'look at her ....she looks amazing!" at which point Holley looked at him and smiled. He said he had never seen her smile and how even more beautiful it makes her look!
"The doctor ordered an MRI for Monday and at that point her bandages will come off. Monday is also the assessment for the respirologist. Her doctor said he does not think she will need the trachea permanently and hopes she doesn't because of added risk of infection.
"Thanks again for all your prayers and support, it really does help us tremendously that we know we are not alone!"
    --Dawna, Holley's mother

Mahona Pascal
October 18

What do you call someone who places you in circumstances beyond your control or experiences and then saves the situation and you in the process? I would call Him God, the lord and my Hero. I have sensed His presence and His help in times of troubles and so I feel quite comfortable calling Him my hero. Thank you Lord for being all I have needed time and again in your faithful and saving way.

As many of you know, I have been applying for a master’s degree into universities. This process has been giving me so many worries and uneasy thoughts that kept racing in my mind thinking that I would not be able to be accepted. The university that I wanted to join needed two referees from the university I got my bachelor’s degree. This challenged me so much that I lost much sleep. I asked mom if I should apply at other universities. I was about to quit. Mom would say “Mahona, please relax, have faith, don’t panic, just trust God He is all that you need! “ Thank you very much Mom, there are not enough words that I can thank you with for your care and everything you are doing for us, you are amazing.

On October 15th, the day before yesterday, Mom took me to the university in Mwanza. The night before we went I became very worried again. I got up three times that night. I prayed and I asked God to guide me, to take away all my worries and fears and provide the best way for me to be accepted. 

In the morning I read 2 Timothy 1:7 which encouraged me very much, Mom prayed for me again, I also prayed silently asking God to help me.
When we arrived at the university, Mom explained to the adminstrator that we have no referees from my university where I studied. The lady told us ‘no problem’ she checked all of my certificates and told us to get copies to leave with application. After we gave her the copies she took the whole application to the Director of the university. After a few minutes she called us to go to the director’s office for an interview. The interview went well and she signed and stamped the admission letter that I am accepted to join St. Augustine’s University in Mwanza.
She will even prepare a room for me at the hostel.

The director studied in Canada at Winsor University and knew Toronto well. She and Mom had lots of stories to share and were laughing and I became very happy to be accepted.

This has taught me a lesson to trust God to take care of His children.
Wow. Once again the lord has stepped in and provided for me when I did not know where to turn. October 22nd, Mom will take me to the university and I will be ready to be in the classroom as of October 24th, 2017.

I am so incredibly grateful for your prayers and loving support. May the Lord bless each of you in all that you do.
I have faith that God will continue to help me in my studies. I would absolutely love for you to partner with me –the best way this can be done is through prayers. Please pray that God would give me good friends and that they might know the name of Jesus.


Leah Hopp

October 17

The first two pictures are of Naduk and Betty teaching at our new clinic.
The third picture is of most of my health team: Akol, Betty, Rose, and Naduk (Lomuria is sick).
The fourth picture is of Akol teaching in a village.

Please pray for the planning of our new opening party to be held on November 18th. It will be a large party including district officials and other VIPs along with all our mission staff. Please pray that the mission can plan it well without neglecting our other ministries until then.  

Hanneke Cost Budde

We were able to see Sayi. I got him a wheelchair and I noticed that he is getting his feelings back in his legs. The therapist thinks he will walk again.


Bill Fitch
October 16

What a great day we had a week ago, walking for dollars in the town of Iten, Kenya, perched on the edge of the Rift Valley. About 55 of us walked 6km in support of Listen to Learn - and YOU ALL supported us for over $3,000! What an encouragement to the walkers! The majority of them were L2L staff and their families - all our Eldoret staff walked - and they were joined by some of our students and grads. They're asking if we can do it each year!
Now there were perks. The resort where our walk terminated - Kerio View - is just lovely, and they put on a delicious buffet. Plus there was a big Bouncy Castle for the kids. But we'd have had just as many in a more modest environment, I'm sure. Iten is where Kenya's long-distance runners train - in fact the trail we walked along was populated earlier in the day with elite world athletes. (Quite a come-down to us, but I bet we had more fun.)
So thank you for making it such a success. Our workers and students know well that everything they work on is supported by generous Canadian donors, and several commented that this gave them a sense of partnership in that process they hadn't known before. 


Jack & Mary Anne Voelkel

October 16

If you receive this letter today (or early tomorrow) please lift up a short prayer as we intercede for a Colombian pastor’s daughter who is visiting us.

We share other opportunities as well, including Mary Anne’s teaching next Sunday on the life of Abraham: “Growing a Friendship with God”. (Wish you could join us!)

This comes with our appreciation for you all and the joy we experience as we thank the Lord for your faithful involvement with us in our ministry. 

G & M    October 16

“they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength … they shall walk and not faint.” Is. 40:31. It’s with these words in mind that we have made our flight reservations to return to Canada this Wed. Oct. 18. As we resettle, our focus will be on the future and what it will hold for us. Please pray for the decisions and the direction that we will be taking. With gratitude for your prayers.

Knox Youth Dinner and Food Bank

Please pray for the needed tansition of the program after Bill and Vicki resigned (scroll down). There will need to be a new leadership structure in place before the Nover 7, proposed start. Uphold the kids as well as Knox's leadership.

Sanctuary Renovations

Watch the video and follow links to learn more about the renovations around Knox.

Carluci & Christina dos Santos
October 12

We would like to invite you to hear Dr. Timothy Halls (Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary) on Sunday, October 15, at Celebration Presbyterian Church (500 Coldstream Avenue, Toronto, M6B K6).

Dr. Halls will be speaking on the topic of “Missions in and out of Latin America” in the 11am service and then again, more informally, at 7pm.

Dr. Halls is a Mission Strategist working in Latin America, more specifically, as the Executive Director of Matureo,, a Centre for Missiological Reflection, in Brazil. Tim is also an Associate Director at Mission Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance (

“The growth of the gospel in Latin America during my lifetime has produced multiple generations of new leaders. They mobilize lives and resources for the sake of marginalized people and gather new communities of Jesus followers. Their leadership has become personal for me. I learn from them and follow them as they follow Jesus.”

His areas of knowledge and skill include: Latin American Christianity. Islam. Inter-religious conversations. Local non-profits in Latin America. Migration to USA and to Latin America. Vision development. Networking.

Ruth Thomson
October 12

Edena (on left)  is Ruth's translation assistant.


Eleanor and John Crabtree

On October 15th, John and I will be celebrating our first Wedding Anniversary. We have decided to have an Open House - this is very short notice, but we just decided last Sunday that John was up to celebration, and the minister at Knox Burlington said we could use there hall. So here is our invitation. If you know of others who would be interested in coming, please share this invitation.

John Jagt and Eleanor Crabtree invite you to celebrate their first wedding anniversary with them at an Open House, on October 15th, 2 - 5 pm, at Knox Presbyterian Church, 461 Elizabeth Street at James, Burlington, in the Bell Tower Room.
Best Wishes Only

Power to Change

Luke & Yuko Elliot
October 11

We give thanks to the Lord for the many opportunities He has been providing to meet and share with churches, groups, and individuals.

Please continue to pray for young "Mrs K" of our previous update, who continues to attend both Knox and Grace Toronto Japanese Church, and to form friendships in both congregations. Please pray for new life in Jesus, and for comfort and healing in her extremely challenging domestic situation here in Canada.
Please pray for Yuko who tore some muscles in the middle finger of her right hand ("mallet finger deform" a.k.a. stubbed her finger really badly). It is in a simple splint and the doctors say it will take 8 weeks to heal (she is not supposed to lift anything with her right hand or to allow any kind of bending of or impact to her finger). Please pray for her as she attempts to keep up with administrative and domestic routines and volunteer work such as helping with food prep for the Alpha Course currently underway at Knox Church.

We look forward to seeing some of you at our upcoming speaking engagements. Please continue to keep in prayer:
Oct 15 - preaching at Knox Church's 5pm service for our Missions Focus weekend
Oct 17 - share and present at OMF's autumn candidate course
Oct 22 - preaching at 9:15am service at Toronto Mandarin Chinese Community Church for ACEM's missions conference
Oct 29 - preaching at 9:30am service at Milliken Christian Community Church for ACEM's missions conference
Nov 5 - morning, preach and present at a Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto (English service)
Nov 5 - evening, share at Renrakukai (a gathering of Japanese pastors in Toronto)
Nov 12 - preach at Grace Toronto Japanese Church
Nov 19 - preach and present at Japanese Gospel Church of Toronto (Japanese service)
Dec 2 - attend Joy of Christmas (joint event of all Toronto area Japanese churches)
Dec 10 - preach at Grace Toronto Japanese Church
Jan 14 - preach at Grace Toronto Japanese Church
Jan 17 - present the ministry of ACC at Wycliffe College for their Wednesday Event and preach at the evening Eucharist service 


Xerggyo and Hil
October 10

In our new country we are very well, improving our language, and cultural understanding. Making new friends all the time, meet people in the different areas of the society. Participate with families in their home, and step by step be part of this wonderful culture, and bless them when we are with them.

We thank you, for all your help, to be possible this work. We encourage to continue to pray for us because our permission; for the last three months, we were waiting for the offivcial document has not arrived yet, it is very long time--three months. Generally it is hard to be here, but in many ways we see how the Lord is helping us all the time. Last week we went to ask again, what to do, the people they were surprised, because take normally ten to twenty days to arrive in our home; and they said to us, wait for another 10 to 15 days to be arrive the card at home, we are waiting for.

Winter time, is coming again, we have a small garden, and all our flowers we took inside the house. We had wonderful flowers and vegetables during the summer time.

I want to tell you a small story about a lady in her 90 or 95 years old, because the earthquake in my country, especially in my small city in San Cristobal. The day after the earthquake last month, people started to ask for help, especially water, medication and food. This lady come with 1 Kg of beans and 1 Kg of rice, and with used clothes, that was the only thing she had for the people who were suffering at that time. She found ten pesos ( 70 cents CAN) on the Street, and help her to buy things to offer to the needy. What an expression and power of love. Because of her little activity, people started to mobilize to give for the needy.
This little thing changed their world, and touches the heart of God. With this story of generosity, Hil and I, we want to say thanks KWM for all the generosity give to us, to be possible our work here, in our new country. We know many people in CAN they are giving sacrificially, we want to honor all of them.  

Mary Jane Fandrich
October 10

It's been a summer of learning and meditating, and constant visiting with refugees in Toronto, cousins in Florida, contacts for work in Florida, family and church in Dallas, and now back to Toronto. Four bags packed and one to go.
Most of the contents are activities and games for children, lots of Lego as usual, Cuisenaire rods for math, Arabic/English readers, paper making things for girls, mainly, construction toys for boys.
But all of that is only ballast for the main tool: The words of our Lord Jesus and His doings. This has been my every morning hour of learning: scripture in Arabic in order to share it and teach it to young children who are illiterate. Arabic is rhythmic and easily taught and memorised. These are the scriptures memorised to date: John 8:12 "When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, I am the light of the world..."; Matthew 19:14 "Jesus said, let the little children...'; Romans 5:8 But God demonstrated His love for us... (still in progress of memorisation); Romans 8:35,37 "What shall separate us from the love of God..."; Matthew 14:6 "Then Jesus answered, 'I am the way...(still in progress); Titus 2:14 "...Who sacrificed Himself for our sake...; and most of Psalm 103. My purpose is to place Jesus before them and embed in their hearts His love for us and what He has done for us.
Sending them out into the world, though bereft of family and possession, if they have the knowledge of the Lord Jesus, they will be fully equipped to
cope with the vicissitudes of life. We know this and can testify to what the Lord Jesus has done for us.
It's so easy to stumble over the nuances of culture and lay our Western arrogance on people. After all, we all have education, and family and good
upbringing in spades, to say nothing of money. They have nothing. 

Hanneke Cost Budde
October 10

Enjoy a typical-chaotic meal wiht Hanneke and her kids.

Ann  Chow
October 7

Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa! Heather & I are doing well and about to begin the last day of the conference. It's been a work in progress, adapting as we go. Heather has been incredible working with the program team as the stage manager (challenging role!) and I've seen her resourceful, creative nature come out in beautiful ways. She also put her creativity to work by making the stage look amazing!

I've been enjoying my interactions with the seminar speakers and putting some in nice shady spots outside. Unfortunately the rain has meant shoving a few seminars in the same room. It's been going quite well though. A Nigerian man came up and thanked me for taking good care of them.

The speakers have been powerful & not holding back, wow! Please pray for this to truly mobilize students into missions now and in the future.

I've loved reconnecting with old friends, what a joy that touches me deeply.

We got a chance to see Soweto and Mandela House, good to drive through the city & take things in.

Heather has seen cute monkeys!  


Bill Fitch
October 6

Jambo from Kenya, all you friends of Listen to Learn! You've no idea how good it is to be here again with staff and friends!

The pic is of some of our staff who are getting ready to walk 5km tomorrow in solidarity with their Canadian friends who have supported them. (Included in the pic - my two daughters, Nancy & Lori, who are here with me right now 😊.) Lots of excitement - our whole staff is joining in plus families & friends, so we'll be a group of at least 40.
We're turning the day into a party. Buffet lunch at a wonderful place perched on the edge of the Rift Valley, with glorious views and fun for kids.
Already you great people have staked this walk to $2,500! Thank you! If a few want to add to the total, there's still time. Click this  link: 


Hanneke Cost Budde
October 6

Mama Peter came to show her new albino baby. Baby Peter is doing well at the orphanage. However it is so sad that he needs to be protected.
Pray for the safety of this beautiful child. The day before yesterday another albino woman was attacked and they took her arm off. She is recovering.  


Michelle Qureshi

Nabeel Qureshi's wife shares her feelings after losing her husband.


Knox Youth Dinner and Food Bank

For the past 21 years Bill and Vicki Wood have provided a loving community, often for over 100 youth. They volunteered their time and resources to this very demanding venture, because they saw the need in our harsh city and were motivated by their love for Christ. The program has seen many transitions in its life. Originally, after a hot dinner, street youth (18-25) were housed overnight on mattresses in the gym, fed a cooked breakfast and sent on their way with a bag lunch, needed clothes and subway tokens. Several years ago, the city began providing more overnight accommodations, so Out of the Cold became Knox Youth Dinner and Food Bank, a Tuesday night community affair. Jen and Chris came on board and provided wise and dedicated leadership. Many of the youth who now considered this their home-when-they-had-none and were over the age of 25, were allowed to carry on as volunteers. It has not been an easy ministry and often the emotional toll became heavy. Funerals were not uncommon in the community. Many success stories abound as well as just providing a need when needed. Recently government regulations have filtered down to all venues that provide assistance to those considered vulnerable. These added burdens became overwhelming for the present staff and confirmed Bill and Vicki’s decision to transition on to some other ministry. No question their presence will be infinitely missed as they have gained the respect and love of their kids and the whole church family.
Now Knox needs to take more ownership and put together a replacement team. Please pray for great wisdom as this process continues at full steam. KWM chair, Jeff Bloom, is spearheading this transition with great personal enthusiasm. 


Leah Hopp
October 4

I am back from my trip and am refreshed, PTL!

Chris, the clinic's admin, is on vacation this week, and I have been managing the clinic's day-today needs. It's pretty busy so maybe some people are coming just to check out our new place.

Selly drove me from the airport to Mbale and he also brought me some long-expected new teaching materials from Mango Tree which I have been using to train my team on Brucellosis. Next week we will begin teaching the story in the villages. 


Diana Wadsworth

The KWM committee is eternally grateful for Diana's years of service. Diana has decided to step down from active involvement in the monthly committee meetings, yet has committed to continue compiling the monthly prayer bulletin. Thank you, our friend.


Gord and Brenda Nickerson
October 1

Gord and Brenda Nickerson have become proud first time grandparents of Leo Douglas Soderquist, born September 30th to Katie and Zane Soderquist. Katie is Gord and Brenda's youngest daughter and she and her husband live in Texas.


Hanneke Cost Budde
October 1

Yesterday we got our new fridge!
The other one was too small and with the many power outages everything defrosted. This one has an inverter and will keep things cold for a long time even with a power outage. Mfaume is so Happy--me too. (510 liters)  
Also pray for one of Thomas's sons, James. They found a swelling in his breast and he needs a biopsy done. Thomas is very worried about this as well as the continued pressure he feels about all the financial needs. He just paid half of his salary for Kulwa's studies. Then with the bills at home for food etc. And now he needed to come up with money for the surgery. He was almost in tears as he didn't want to ask me once again for help. I gave him towards the surgery. I can get it back through my work funds. I tried to encourage him and prayed before he left. God is good!!! 
Next week I am taking Kiri to her entrance exam in Kahama for Form one...My car is purring like a new vehicle!!!


A Prayer for October
from Mahona

We thank you for your grace, mercy and privilege to see this new today and a new month. Father Lord, as we have crossed over from the old month into the beginning of this new month of October, the almighty God that brought the children of Israel out of the land of bondage in Egypt and into their promise land of destiny flowing with milk and honey.

That same God will make this new month be the month of the fulfillment of our destiny. In this new month, our dreams shall not die and our glory shall not be borrowed or be loaned out by force to someone else.

This month, we are set free from all spiritual clutches, bondage, dungeon and powers subjecting us to involuntary spiritual servitude controlling and determining our life.

The Lord has decreed by the power of his right hand arise shine for our light has come and Lord's glory shall be seen upon us.

May the Lord empower us to go into the world this new month and take our rightful possessions in Jesus mighty Name.

Happy Birthday
Dr. Owen

98 on September 30

Jim Mason
September 30

Click below for Jim's October prayer bulletin.


John Vissers is the 13th principal of Knox College

September 29, 2017 7:30 pm
Knox College Chapel, 59 St. George Street

David Mainse

The gift of Mainse, who died Monday at 81, was his ability to present deeply religious programming that did not come across as fire-and-brimstone preaching


Norine Love
September 28

Norine is currently visting Gladys Linthicum (Calgary), David and Joan Evans (Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island) and Dave and Susan Jeffery (Langley, British Columbia), all in western Canada.

Bill Fitch
September 26

Listen to Learn has an enthusiastic staff in Kenya, who really want to participate in our Ride fundraising effort. After all, they know better than anyone the impact that every $100 has on their capacity to enroll and serve our students! They don't have bikes... so they'll be walking 5 km along Kenya's dusty roads. With their families joining in, they'll be a band of 20 to 30.

They have more energy and determination than money... so will you help with that part? They'll be so encouraged to see that their sweat & effort can be translated into real usable funds. And then they'll put the funds to work! 


Ruth Thomson
September 26

Pray that the Lord will protect the K believers from the heretical sects that are encroaching into their villages and trying to win them over.
Praise God for the good health and strength that the Lord has given me. 

Gus and Marliese    September 25

Greetings from Switzerland! It was the 18th of Sept. that we boarded our flight to Zurich. We are at Marliese’s brother’s place in the process of packing belongings that we’ve accumulated over the almost 40 years that we’ve worked in North Africa. This time we’re returning to stay in Canada as we wind up our work on this side of the Atlantic. This will not be without some short term visits back here again, DV.
As we think back over these almost 40 years which include Tunisia, Mauritania, Libya and Algeria it’s with deep appreciation for your prayers and support. You have helped make it possible. And now, as we pack up, please continue to pray. We plan to return to Toronto within a few weeks, and then to take the steps to set up our permanent base in London ON. We ask you to pray as we take these steps which will include future ‘work’ activities, adjusting to new housing and friends, and all that comes with such a major move. Looking back we rejoice for the Lord’s provision and his promised presence each step of the way. “Till now the Lord has helped us; ”1 Sam. 7:12”, and as we look to the future we hope that we will “still bear fruit in old age.” Ps. 92:14.
We were really encouraged two days before we left Algiers by the visit of the church youth group some of whom pointedly told us to continue in the work we had been doing with them from my first sermon, Jan. 8/16. So, thank you for your prayers through the year and seven months at Holy Trinity. We will continue to keep in touch.


Helen Souter
September 25

We are saddened at the passing of Helen Souter. She died peacefully at her home in Christie Gardens on August 28. Helen and Malcolm were faithful supporters of KWM for many years. Their memory remains cherished and their prayers were so valued. 
Click here for Toronto Star obituary. To make a donation to Knox World Mission in honour of Helen, click here. A memorial service was held for Helen  at Knox.

Hanneke Cost Budde
September 23

In June I had my wonderful family together for a whole month as it was the kids long holiday. Only Mfaume was missing as he had to continue his studies in Pharmacy. He is doing so well and is enjoying it very much. He has a B average. At the moment he is doing field work at our Government Hospital in Tabora. He finds it a challenge but is really enjoying it. 
The car drives like new but there are still a few electrical problems that need some fixing. 

Paul & Mary Beth McLean    September 22

Paul McLean's eye surgery went very well yesterday. This was confirmed at the follow-up appointment this morning. Paul and Mary Beth are very grateful for the prayer support from Knox friends. Thanks be to God!


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