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Hanneke Cost Budde	   August 31
I am recovering from Malaria, Bronchitis and still cough a lot due to Asthma. Yesterday and today I went to Manoleo. Today 20 sick people. Now I am home waiting for dr.Bucheye the vet. He will help teach a seminar on how to raise chickens together  with another teacher. The seminar is for 25 poor women with children.

Nabeel Qureshi   August 31

Dear Friends and Family,

This is an announcement that I never expected to make, but God in His infinite and sovereign wisdom has chosen me for this refining, and I pray He will be glorified through my body and my spirit. My family and I have received the news that I have advanced stomach cancer, and the clinical prognosis is quite grim. Nonetheless, we are going to pursue healing aggressively, both medical and miraculous, relying on God and the fact that He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.

In the past few days my spirits have soared and sank as I pursue the Lord's will and consider what the future might look like, but never once have I doubted this: that Jesus is Lord, His blood has paid my ransom, and by His wounds I am healed. I have firm faith that my soul is saved by the grace and mercy of the Triune God, and not by any accomplishment or merit of my own. I am so thankful that I am a child of the Father, redeemed by the Son, and sealed in the Spirit. No, in the midst of the storm, I do not have to worry about my salvation, and for that I praise you, God.

Unfortunately this means I am no longer able to engage in traveling ministry for the time being. I am canceling almost all my speaking events, with a few exceptions. From this point on until such a time as the Lord might choose to heal me, I intend to blog or vlog about my journey with cancer, transparently offering my heart, thoughts, and struggles in case they might encourage others and glorify God. I will no longer be with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, though it has been an absolute privilege to be on the team for the past 3 years. My third book, No God But One: Allah or Jesus?, launched today, and I still intend to write my next book, 20 Questions Muslims Ask and the Answers that Convert Them. Beyond that, the Lord knows.

Friends and family, may I ask you to fast and pray fervently for my healing? I do not profess to know the will of the Lord, but many of my close friends and confidants are convinced that this is a trial through which the Lord intends to bring me alive and refined. May His will be done, and may I invite you to seek Him in earnest, on your knees, fasting on my behalf, asking our Yahweh Rapha for healing in Jesus' name.

And as you pray and fast, "I will rejoice, for I know that through your prayers and the help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, this will turn out for my deliverance, as it is my eager expectation and hope that I will not be at all ashamed, but that with full courage now as always Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death.” (Philippians 1:18-20)

For His Glory,

Jim Mason	   August 30
Click here for my latest prayer update.

Hanneke Cost Budde	   August 30

I just came back from Mwanza where Thomas, my  co-worker [above] had a ganglion Cyst removed from his hand. This cyst started after he had a motorcycle accident. Knowing the medical system and the neglect in the medical facilities he was so scared that he did not want to go. I told him I would take him to the doctor at the hospital in Mwanza who had treated Ngassa and Kashinje as well. I told him to first see the doctor and then decide if he wanted the surgery. 

Dr. Isodor recognized Thomas's fear and put him right at ease by checking him carefully and discussing the different options he had. Thomass finally did agree that surgery was the best option. He was so pleased with his treatment. They gave him a local anesthetic and while this was given to him dr. Isodor was keeping his mind occupied with many comments and questions so that Thomas did not even realize they had started the procedure. It was quite funny and things went well. 

Went to the office at Manoleo dispensary today. No medicine at all except  for oral re-hydration salts! The worker..a lab technician- was very discouraged so I told him to examine and test people for Malaria and do stool and urine tests. He then send them on to me. He prescribed Amoxicillin as if it were candy so I had to change some of his prescriptions. By the end of the day I had received a total of 24 sick people. Many children with Malaria and several with Asthma and urinary tract infections. The worker from the dispensary came by to thank me. He felt so bad for the people as many come from 40 to 50  km away and many walk the distance carrying the sick child on their backs.

They have been promised that medicine will come this week...maybe only birth control pills! 

Mahona has the flue again. I hope to connect with him on Skype today.

Mahona Pascal	   August 30

I am sorry, I know that you have missed so much to hearing from me of what these past months has been for me! Well, the past exams at the university are well, and I am thankful for your prayers , encouragements and financial. God has a wonderful reward for you in Heaven!

 Right now I am in Dar hopping to present  my research this week or the coming one!  Research keeps me  busy like the bee and I am working many hours just like a dog but will have a good breath after I am done with this ha ha!  

 This past week has been rad, I met with some of  my TAFES family [ Tanzania Fellowship of Evangelical Students} We even enjoyed three birthday party  on the same day! All of them were of TAFES choir singers and praise team!

This is for now! I can hardly looking forward to share how these few past months has looked like.

I am feeling sick and having flu.

Margaret Tilbury   August 21
A service to celebrate Margaret's life is planned for Knox Church on Thursday, September 1 at 11 am, followed by a light luncheon. 
"I remember sitting with Margaret drinking tea in her kitchen some years ago. She loved visitors and we talked about her love for cats. She did not think she could have one so she enjoyed Les and Myrna's cat instead. I can still see her with the cat in her arms loving every moment of holding it. I think her life was not easy and I enjoyed her positive attitude. She trusted God. I am glad she is at rest.--Hanneke

Leah Hopp	   August 28
Remember Leah as she travels back to Ugana

Luke and Yuko Elliot   August 26

Thank you so much for praying for our mini-van, and for our holiday.  Although our van is still at the dealers waiting to be fixed (we hope!), the dealer has temporarily provided us with an SUV at no cost.  The space is a little tight, but it allowed us to go to the coast of Miyagi for our holiday and the dealer has said it is okay for us to use it on our ministry trip to Hokkaido next week.  Please continue to pray for our van.

We continue to give thanks for the Lord's blessing on the Bible camps that were held at ACC in July and August.  It is our prayer that photos and testimonies from these camps will inspire other churches and Christian parents to encourage their children to attend--and to invite there friends!  If you haven't already, we invite you to take a moment to enjoy some photos of these camps at

At the same time, we are sad that the teen camp had to be cancelled for lack of participants.  Also, a local church that was going to use ACC this weekend for a three day youth camp also cancelled because too many of their youth pulled out due to school exams.  Please pray for this very hard to reach demographic, that ways can be found to draw them out of their all-consuming routines to a place where they will come face to face with Christ.

Please pray for the College & Career bbq being held here tomorrow (Saturday), that all 20 or so will make it and that the iffy weather won't detract from the quality of their time spent together before the Lord.

Please also pray for Luke as he does an ACC Sunday at Goshogawara Evangelical Church this Sunday (sermon and presentation on ACC ministry), and for Yuko who will take the kids to our regular place of worship.

Please especially pray for our ministry trip to Hokkaido next week, and for Luke as he works to finish preparing his two messages on time.  On the Saturday, he will be speaking to a pre-evangelism quilting group at a quilt exhibition hosted by Sakae Evangelical Church (where we did our training designation) and will preach the following day at the Autumn Special Evangelism worship service.  We will also do a presentation on the ministry at ACC.

May the Lord bless and keep each of you as transition out of summer.

Scott and Beth Hurd	   August 23

We are all breathing slightly easier this evening.  Thank you for the persistent prayers for Anne's sustaining and welfare through these latest complications.

 We've just had a good chat with Anne and Coleman.  Her chief surgeon has concluded that the best plan for the next two weeks is to treat her with antibiotics. Surgical options pose more risk than benefit at this point, and the best possible outcome would be for Anne to fight the infections with the help of antibiotics.

 It's been a pretty up and down couple of days with a whole lot of questions with few answers and new ground being covered, but this is truly the best possible scenario right now. She will get to return home and take the medication there, and they have been told to contact the hospital immediately if things change for the worse, or if there is no improvement in a number of days.

 We are truly thankful for her primary surgeon who, in addition to being a highly skilled surgeon, seems very humble and willing to work closely with Anne and Coleman to find the right answers at each step of the way. Please pray for him (Dr. Roses) as well - we are grateful that he has been the primary advocate and means by which she has received such excellent care throughout this journey.

Thanks to all for the persistent prayers.  Please continue to pray for healing of the infection and strength and stamina as Anne recovers both from the surgery (now, one month ago) and this latest round of complications.
Hanneke Cost Budde	   August 22

The graduation was wonderful! There must have been over 1000 people. It is a huge event with lots of soda's, bottled water and at the end a huge meal for all which was catered. Jacky was so happy to see us and came running over to give us a big hug. Both Kiri and Baraka were part of the guards. Poor Faraja was not allowed to see us. He was in the dorm with all the other younger kids. I gave Kiri a note for him. The feats started at 7.30 am and finished by 5 pm!

We gave Jacky a phone for when she gets to her Secondary school and a nice watch. She was thrilled! 

When we were leaving she gave me a note to read at home. Once again I was moved to rears when I read it. Wow! I have such wonderful kids!! I am including this in my email as well as some pictures of the kids. Kiri is wearing the read uniform and poses with one of her friends. Baraka was wearing green.  He looks a bit unhappy as he knows that I am not pleased with his latest antics. I reassured him that I love him but do not love his behavior when he causes harm.

They will all come home for a short break in September.

Photo: Naomi, Jackie and Hanneke.

Jackie and freind

Baraka and Jackie


Jackie's letters to Hanneke

Mahona Pascal   August 20

Dave and Susan Jeffery		   August 20

Thanks so much to everyone who prayed regarding wedding prep for Leanne and Jonathan’s big day on Aug. 13th. All the necessary preparations got made on time. Leanne got a bit emotional late on Friday evening tying off loose ends…even with our help, but slept well and was her delightful self for her wedding day. 

 The day of the wedding was sunny and hot (just over 30C) with a pleasant breeze. We didn’t hear a single plane during the ceremony despite its being Airshow weekend in Abbotsford. The outside venue was pretty as a picture with green grass, flower and veggie gardens behind the officiating pastor (Jonathan’s pastor when he was living in Alberta), and vistas of hayfields in the distance with baled hay and cut hay to the left and right. Jonathan, Leanne and the pastor stood in front of  and under a large tree from which ribbon streamers had been hung and which caught every breeze and left all of us feeling a little cooler as a result. Butterflies flitted by and the hosting family’s eccentric cat made himself comfortable on a bottom branch of the big tree with his back to everyone. Every once in a while his back leg would jerk, leaving me wondering when he would fall out of the tree with a yowl! He never did, thankfully.

 Leanne and Jonathan wrote their own beautiful vows and the pastor shared at length and very meaningfully. We loved the music as well. Most of the wedding photos were taken on the same property. Had they not been, the reception would never have started on time! Everyone enjoyed a lovely meal at the reception, good speeches, a skit about Jonathan’s life (done by his family), a video of Jonathan and Leanne’s growing-up years and engagement photos (done by Dave) and a dance that was remarkable for almost 100 per cent participation. After the bride and groom said their goodbyes, everyone joined in tidying up the hall. Dave and I and a few friends returned next morning and had what work still needed to be done completed in less than an hour. It took another couple of days to wash all the dishes and cutlery and return everything that had been borrowed to the owners. This coming week Leanne's belongings and all the wedding gifts stored at our townhouse will be moved to their rental accommodation. It will be good to have our place back!

 Your prayers for Robby and Bitsy’s wedding on Sept. 3rd would be much appreciated. As well, praise God with us for a bumper crop of students at CanIL for the fall semester. Pray for good settling in to their studies, hassle-free border crossings for the international students and that each will find good, affordable rental accommodation for the semester. The last is in short supply here in B.C. Our U.K. colleague still doesn’t have permanent residency! 

Mahona Pascal												   August 17
My project is going very well would bring to the university soon! I hope after the coming week!

Rosemary Walker	August 16

Hi from Muskoka, where I'm beginning to unwind after a busy summer - well, a busy year. My brother Dave and two friends were here to welcome me at the family cottage, but left on Thursday. I hope to visit Montreal, then report in for work at Stoney Creek in early September. My assignment there is from September through December.


I'd like to express my deep appreciation to all of you who have encouraged and helped out with this summerr's international Bible class and special events. It has been a great joy for me to team-teach with you, Diana, Elaine, Rudo and Emi  and to be able to share God's love and Word with such wonderful students from China, Japan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Korea, Viet Nam and Iran with you, Diana, Elaine, Emi, Margery, Nancy, Maureen, Sandy, Carol, Mary Beth, Ken, Adel and Magda - whether in the class, at Centre Island, High Park, Niagara Falls or at Nancy's home or at Maureen's home. Wow, what a privilege! I was also most grateful for the help of our drivers for different events - Nancy, Diana and Daniel, Sandy and Carol, Mary Beth, Ken and Adel and Magda.


I was also encouraged by the interest shown in the summer Bible studies. Most of our students were Chinese, and some of them were visiting scholars who seemed to have never had a Bible or attended church or a Bible class. Last Sunday, four teachers and 17 students were present, including some from the Monday ESL class, 4-5 newcomers and those who gave their testimony. During the service, I believe that Henry was in the nursery for the first time, Ray and Kathy's little boy played outside with their mothers near-by and Jack attended Junior Church for the first time. This was the first time in their life for Julian and Jack to come to a Christian worship service. We had lots of drivers for the buffet at Maureen's, and quite a few Chinese conversations were going on in the garden and inside! Thanks so much to all who contributed to the delicious buffet, and to you, Maureen, for opening your door once again to the international students of Knox Church. What a lovely way to end off the summer international ministry.


I'll be praying for you and the team, Samantha, as you pick up the ministry again in the fall. May the good seeds sown over the past year spring up into eternal life for a good number of our dear students. (By the way, Eric, Donna and little Henry will be returning to China in October, and Justin in March - I believe). May they go with God. I know that Eric and Donna have an English Bible, but am not sure if Justin received one on Sunday.


On Sunday, Dr. Ling was asking about the date the Monday classes will begin again, and I didn't know. Sorry, I found this date in an email from you, Sam, this past week. So, if any of you see any of our students, please tell them that the Monday classes are to begin again on September 19th. Also, if you see an of them at the Sunday morning service please welcome them warmly and encourage them to stay for the coffee hour.


It has been a privilege to work with you all, and I will miss you, the international students and Knox Church terribly! I may show up at the morning service on Sunday, September 4th, if I don't need to be at Cheyne Presbyterian Church, Stoney Creek, by then. Your prayers for the new international ministry starting up at Cheyne would be much appreciated, of course, as for my next assignment. Our AIM personnel director, Rev. Murray Schmidt, is looking into a two-year assignment for me in French Africa, to begin in mid-January. Of course, my first desire would be to return to the DR Congo, but other possible countries are Comoro Islands, Madagascar or Chad, as they are the main French-speaking countries where AIM is presently working. (If you don't receive my prayer up-dates and would like to do so, please just let me know.)

John Vissers	August 15
If you would like to hear John Vissers at Knox on August 15, you can click here.

Scott and Beth Hurd	August 13

Herewith a brief update on Anne's health after our return to Singapore last Friday.

 At the end of July, Anne was recovering reasonably well in hospital until she encountered the problem with an ileus and severe nausea.  Both of these conditions steadily improved to the point where she was feeling quite a bit better.  Unfortunately, she then experienced some severe abdominal pain, which proved to be caused by an abscess of fluid build-up internally.  The medical team located the abscess and inserted a drain which, although very uncomfortable in and of itself, brought immediate relief to the abdominal pain.

 The medical team hoped the drain would only be in for a short time and then she could be discharged, but it took a few days longer than expected.  With our departure looming on August 3, the team decided to discharge Anne so she could begin to recover at home (with the drain still in place) on Tuesday (the 2nd).  We had a day and a half with her there, before we returned to Singapore on the 3rd.

 The Lord knew we would treasure a few extra hours with Anne, so arranged for some delays for our return flights to allow us to spend just a bit more time with our family.

 Over the past week Anne has encountered a few problems with the drain (having to have it repositioned once, and experiencing a lot of discomfort), but in the last 48 hours she has returned to the hospital to have it removed, and is now at home and starting to feel quite a bit better.

 One of the very significant pieces of new information we received is that when the doctors undertook the emergency surgery to address the internal bleeding, they removed another small piece of colon (to make a completely new, careful connection).  Previous test results on all the tissue removed had shown no cancer at all (except in two of the 39 lymph nodes removed).  This new (small) piece, however, did show some very small micro-tumours, which have now been removed.

 This either means they now have "got it all", or that there is still the possibility of further micro-tumours elsewhere internally.  But either way, it validates the decision to undergo the surgery to remove any current cancerous tissue, and it provides the clear evidence needed for ongoing monitoring.

 We remain totally confident in God's sovereignty and grace throughout this journey, and trust that He will use this situation for His purposes and glory.  We have had emotional highs and lows over the past weeks, but one constant has remained -- God is faithful, God is good, and He is sovereign.  Trust placed in His care is never misplaced.

 We are thankful Anne continues to improve at home, and we look forward to full restoration to health ahead.

 This will probably be our last update for a time, unless there is more significant news to come.

 Please allow us to express our deepest, sincere thanks to all of you who have been praying, encouraging, asking about, supporting and loving our whole family in so many tangible and practical ways since April.  We have been the grateful recipients of undeserved grace through the outpouring of love and compassion of the body of Christ, of which you all have been a significant part.

Round Lake Bible Camp	August 13

Knox folk, Izad, Alvin Sim and Don Nicol were cousellors and chapel speaker at Round Lake Bible Camp, on the north shore of Round Table Lake one hour south of Thunder Bay is the venue for seven weeks of camp each summer.  Campers arrive from a variety of home situations and for some of the campers; this is their spiritual week for the year.

Daily campfires, fishing, boating, organized games, ropes, chapel, swimming and tuck, keep the kids busy well beyond lights out.  Excellent counsellors demonstrate Spiritual stability and encourage kids in their relationship with Jesus.  The evening campfire camp song, “Round Lake Bible Camp, This is Round Lake Bible Camp….Day is done, Gone the sun, from the lake, from the hills, from the sky….God is nigh,” ushers the kids to their cabins for the night.

At one junior boys (10-12) campfire, golden clouds with red splashes bathe the hills, while the firelight highlights the kid’s’ faces.  One 9 year old boy clutches his Teddy bear, tears run down his young face, as he recounts the hardships he is facing.  His grandmother is very sick and he is asking God to preserve her life since his mother has already passed away. 

Please pray for the young lives touched in so many ways during this vital summer ministry.

Luke and Yuko Elliot	August 5

Just a reminder that regular photo updates of what is happening here at the Aomori Christian Center are available at which is now in English as well as Japanese.

 Thank you so much for praying for our camp season, and especially for Kids' Camp which finished earlier this afternoon.  Peace and Joy Cabins were near capacity so three of the male staff slept in the chapel.  Among the campers we were happy to welcome Yuko's brother's two younger children who do not attend church regularly (Yuko's brother drifted away from church as a young adult and then married an unbeliever).  We also welcomed two of Grace's classmates for whom this was a first time to attend Christian services and hear the gospel.  Both responded very positively, saying that they want to come again and to start reading the Bible.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will hold them to it.  Please also pray for the "church kids" (including our own!) that the Lord will continue to be at work in them, that they might know Him and love Him and humble themselves before Him.

We also give thanks that their are already a few bookings for the fall.

 We are now preparing to head down to the coast of Miyagi for two weeks of holiday.  Please pray that we will be able to get our car repaired in time to actually go.  We took it in for regular maintenance yesterday and discovered that the radiator isn't holding its fluid.  We've been warned not to venture beyond the city limits until it is fixed.

Sharon Helleman

Hanneke Cost Budde	August 4
Click here for my prayer letter. [Photo, my mother and I]
Hi again. I am at the garage as they need to fix my steering. I left my car there and walked to town to get the orders in for 42 uniforms for the orphans in Manoleo. There have been many deaths...even yesterday 2 people in a nearby village were brutally murdered. Now we have again more orphans.
There is so much darkness in this area. 
I also went to buy a phone for Jacky's graduation present. She will need it when she goes to I bought one that has internet as well. It is white so she will love it. 
After shopping I had some lunch at a 'hoteli' Rice with beans, cabbage, Chinese greens and some tomato sauce and a small piece of watermelon, together with a soda for $1.50! As I was eating a beggar stood watching and after I finished he came with a small plastic bag and took my leftover rice 
and went by all the tables to collect leftovers for his lunch. It is such a common but pathetic picture. Now I am back at the garage. The 'fundi's' went out for lunch and so I am waiting.....
So it gives me time to write a long email. Thomas needs some surgery on his hand. I will take him to Ndalla hospital where dr. Isodori, the dr. who operated on Ngassa, will come for 3 days to help in surgeries.
Mahona is now in Mwanza and I am so thankful for the extra support for him as he is in need of quite a bit of money for this project research. 
These are the latest for now. Take care and God bless,

Leah Hopp	August 3
Leah will be at Knox on Sunday, August 7. She is enjoying time in Canada with family, including her twin.

Jacob and Natasha Chandler	August 3
Introducing KWM workers, the Chandler family, MoveIn.

Natasha and Jacob live in a strategic neighbourhood in Toronto for reaching the nations where they pray regularly for their neighbours and seek opportunities to share Christ. They both grew up in Oakville, Ontario, but first met while studying at the University of Waterloo. They were married in 2014, and now have one son named Tobias, born in 2016.

 Natasha earned a biology degree at UW and has since gained experience in business management. She has a heart for youth and girls ministry and leads events in the Christian Reformed Church. Natasha enjoys crafting, photography, visiting parks, and good Mexican food.

 After graduating from university with an degree in engineering, Jacob pursued global missions work with MB Misison, taking him to DR Congo, Portugal, and Thailand. Over time he grew in his passion and gifting for administration of mission and discipleship programs, and for equipping teams for ministry in unreached contexts. He enjoys camping, canoeing, leading worship, and good Thai food.

 Along with being part of the global MoveIn movement in ministering within their neighbourhood, Natasha and Jacob also serve on the MoveIn Vision Team, a small staff team that empowers and grows the movement. The vision of MoveIn is to see thousands of regular Christians prayerfully moving in among the unreached, urban poor. They both have administrative leadership roles in event planning, financial management, and assisting the director. In the coming years they are excited about how God will use them to mobilize the next generation into mission.

Mahona Pascal	August 2

Tomorrow!  I am going to Mwanza!  Pray for me and for strengthen
I am very tired with right now!

Luke and Yuko Elliot	August 1

Kids' Bible Camp is almost upon us (Aug. 3-5)!  We are now down to last minute preparations.  The older kids, a couple of their cousins, Yuko's parents, and our two short term workers have begun living in the cabins in order to smooth the way for the campers, kitchen workers, counselors, and guest speaker who will be arriving Wednesday--making sure the bedding is in order, the curtains properly hung, finding out where the mice are getting in and then sealing off those openings with steal wool, cleaning the bath and making sure the shower works . . . .  Praise, the Lord, everything is in order or on the way to being in order.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will work in each of the campers and staff, that those who don't know the Lord will put their faith in Him, and that those who do will grow in their faith.

After a year of having our Aomori Christian Center FaceBook page in Japanese only, we have finally made the leap and turned it bilingual.  It is a great source for up-to-date photos of the work here.  The link is .  The "acc" in the address stands for Aomori Christian Center, and "Moya" is a place name.  ACC sits about half-way between Moya Peak on the northern fringe of the Hakkoda mountain range and Moya Village on the southern outskirts of Aomori City.  ACC's nickname is Moya Camp.

We are grateful that most of the family remains well this week.  Josiah had a high fever again today, and Luke has broken out in painful hives from head to toe because of an allergic reaction to the antibiotics he took for his throat infection last week, but we are still functional.  Please pray for health and protection for all during Bible camp.

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