Elizabeth Matthias    March 24

Fabulous time in the States!  Saw so much of the Lord!

Swamped with work catching up here...

Jet lag is dissipating!

Seeking His Face and enjoying Him more...

Beth Huddleston    March 24

Beth is really the same as when she arrived in Meaford the first of the month, except that she is having swelling on the involved arm and hand. They have x-rayed it, no fracture , just some arthritis.

She is in good spirits and does try to speak, however, she can not usually be understood.

Mahona Pascal    March 23

Please continue to pray for me I read my Bible, one verse everyday and try to explain in a paper and I keep my prayer diary everyday!  

Last Sunday I gave a sermon at home, it was good and I felt so good!! Mom [Hanneke] is helping me to know more about the Word of God! She is our blessings from God!!

Here is some sugarcane for you.

Wayne and Helen  Hancock    March 22

One of the things I look forward to as MD at Threefold Ministries is the annual trip to Mexico City to visit with our ministry partner, VELA .  Since 2007 we have partnered with this amazing ministry that is committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in Mexico and throughout Latin America.

For the past two days I have been meeting with people, joining in worship and speaking words of greeting and encouragement to those who are part of our VELA partnership.  Allow me to share two stories, from visits this past Sunday morning.

We started by visiting what I like to call the "Church at the end of the Runway".  Located in a poor and rough neighbourhood just metres from the end of the main runway at the International Airport in Mexico City, this community of believers reaches out to their neighbours.  They are engaged in a project that sees three families of the church reach out together to three families in the community.  They meet them, talk with them about difficult community issues such as the rampant drug culture, the challenges of living in poverty and such.  They invite the families into one of their homes to talk, share a meal, support, discern needs and share with them God's love in Jesus Christ.  Remember these families in the church face these same issues.  They are poor, they have been ravaged by the drug culture, but they also know the power of God in Jesus Christ in their own lives and families.  Before this month ends 10 will be baptized as a confession of their commitment to follow Jesus.

 Given the issues in the community most of the church are women.  When I attended, other than the pastor and his sons, there were just 3 other men present, among the congregation of around 70.  Of these 10 baptisms 6 are men.  God is answering their prayers for men in their community to come to Jesus.

Speaking of answered prayer, this church daily faces the challenge of conducting worship and Sunday school classes just 400 metres from the end of a busy runway.  Several times while I was speaking I had to stop, because although I have strong lungs, and they have a good sound system, you can’t speak above a large jet taking off right over head.

For years they have prayed that God would help them.  They thought maybe God would lead them to a suitable facility in their neighbourhood that is not quite so close to the runway.  God has answered.  The government are relocating the airport further from the urban area and the old airport may become a major park!  Construction on the new airport is well underway.  Just like God to move the big neighbor, not the little one we expect!  The church at the runway has been growing in faith, in faithfulness and the Lord is adding to their numbers.

Whereas the Church at the end of the runway is comprised of 90%  women my next stop was to a church where most of the core are men.  This is because it is comprised entirely of recovered addicts who have come to follow Jesus and been delivered from their addition to drugs and/or alcohol.  This church has a residential treatment center in their facility with a very active, government recognized, Biblically based treatment program for men age 18 and up.  One condition of being accepted into the program is that the addict’s whole family must be supportive.  While in treatment the whole family comes to visit once a week and receive support and encouragement.  They also join in worship.  As I arrived the worship was well underway and I was moved, almost to tears by what I sensed and what I saw.  Here were men, surrounded by their wives, children, mothers, embracing, weeping, lifting their voices in praise to God.

Most of the workers in the program are themselves graduates.  Along with the medical professionals they provide support, biblical training, life skills and job training so that when the men graduate they have the skills to be able to help support their families and start a new life.  As I spoke to them and shared some words of Jesus with them I sensed, like I have only rarely sensed the palpable love, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ permeating that fellowship.

Those were the highlights of my Sunday.  I am here to fulfill an oversight requirement but once again I find that I have been blessed and humbled by witnessing the body of Christ flourishing in one of the most challenging urban settings on this continent.  Praise be to God.  I will be saddened to leave here in just a few days.

Hanneke Cost Budde    March 21

For about one year the kids and I were preparing to leave our wonderful home in Tabora as the Baptist Mission in Dar es Salaam, who own it, were going to sell it for 50,000 US Dollars.

With some retirement money I had bought a plot for the two youngest boys but it will take a bit of time before we can built a house on it. This week the director of the Baptist mission came and has offered the house to me/us for 20,000/- US Dollars!! With the money that my pastor left me for the kids and some retirement money I am hoping to buy this home by August. The house does need quite a bit of fixing but it is in a wonderful location and this has really become home to us. I would like to buy it in the name of Mahona, Kiri and Jacky. In another 3 years I am looking towards retiring from the project work. As I do not wish to leave the kids I plan to retire in Tanzania. With this home I also will always have a place to stay. If the Lord takes me home the kids will always have their home.

I have attached a file with some pictures of the home.

I appreciate your prayers regarding this as it is a big decision. 

Ruth Thomson    March 21


"I am still in the hospital her in Brazil. My friend Salia is looking after me in a wonderful way. I do not have pneumonia, they have done some further research. It's Blastomycosis, a fungal tropical disease, it is not bacterial. It is one of those horrible diseases. There is no ,medicine here, so I will be going to Alta Floresta in a day or two. I am in very good hands, I am happy in the Lord. They just about killed me with antibiotics before they figured out that it wasn't doing any good. Anyway that is the state of things. I will soon be able to get the proper medicine."

Luke and Yuko Elliot    March 18

The next prayer update was meant to be our pre-Home Assignment update.  However, in the time it has taken to prepare it, many prayer needs have been piling up that we ought to communicate without further delay.

We give thanks that Grace's broken leg has healed nicely.  Also, for two new members who have joined ACC's board.  One is a local pastor near retirement.  The other is the new young pastor, Pastor Shinozaki, of Misawa Christ Church.  We have been blessed with two opportunities to visit extensively with Pastor Shinozaki and his wife, and we are deeply encouraged by their desire to see the existing partnership between their church and ACC become a more active one.

Please pray for Megumi Ashina, the wife of Pastor Ashina who is the acting chair of the ACC board.  She had a stroke three weeks ago, and while a quick response preserved her life, her current condition and future prognoses are grim.  She can respond with hand squeezes and often tries to enunciate the word "thank you," but she is otherwise immobile and unable yet to focus her eyes or breath without an oxygen mask.  Please pray for the Ashina family and for Asunaro Church at this time, as Pastor Ashina continues to be burdened with more and more ministry responsibilities.

Please continue to pray for Pastor Kanno and his family as they prepare to step down from ministry and move to the Kanto area to be with their son who is struggling with mental health related issues.  We are grateful that Pastor Ashina and one of the senior members of his church have temporarily taken over Pastor Kanno's duties as treasurer of ACC.  Pastor Ashina will also be taking over responsibility for the two congregations formerly under Pastor Kanno (in addition to his own congregation).  Please pray for better arrangements, especially in light of Pastor Ashina's wife's condition.

Please pray for ACC's next board meeting on April 28.  Representatives of OMF will be joining us to work out the details for the planned transfer of ownership of the ACC property from TEAM to OMF.  Among other benefits, the transfer of ownership should open the door, previously closed due to Canadian tax laws, for donors in Canada to give gifts towards ACC's building project.

We give thanks for the opportunities we had to hold "ACC Sunday" services at Ajigasawa Church on February 19 and at Hirosaki Nozomi on February 26.  Mothers from Josiah's class at daycare are meeting in our staff house today (March 18).  Please pray that seeds planted will be watered, and that the Lord will make them grow.  Also pray for a potential opportunity to hold our first ACC Sunday at Kominato Church on April 30.  Joyful Chapel will hold their own English Camp at ACC on March 24-25.  This is their first time to use ACC in many years.  Please pray for the Lord's blessing on their camp.  Please pray that we will be able to adequately prepare the buildings and grounds despite the slushy, muddy spring weather.

Missions Hub    March 18

On Friday night the Missions Hub hosted an amazing prayer event called U of TOgether.  University students from numerous campus ministry groups came to pray for evangelism efforts at the university and beyond.  The event also included breakout sessions where students explored how they can go deeper in their missional callings.  It was beautiful to see so many young, passionate Christians joining together in prayer.

Hanneke Cost Budde    March 18

Here all is well but I have been extremely busy with sorting out the finances. It is a mess but I am glad that I caught it early. 

I'm still missing receipts but at least I got most of them. 

I received a message from one of my students who we helped years ago in Shinyanga. It is encouraging to hear from her. The labor and support for many has not been in vain! 

Nabeel Qureshi    March 17

Click here for update for today.

Leah Hopp    March 17

I continue to be encouraged by the construction progress on the new mission clinic. I'll try to post or send some pictures soon. The roof is done and the workers are now bricking up the latrine and guard hut before starting the interior walls between exam rooms, the lab and offices. Most of the building supplies are on site now. The welder broke a couple weeks ago, but it has been fixed and will hopefully arrive back up here today.  Alakara akilip!

Click here for details

Bill Wood    Knox Dinner and Food Bank    Interview    March 16

Click here to listen to The Bill King Show featuring musician Bill Wood of the Woodies CIUT 89.5 FM

Nicaragua Team    March 16

Big soccer game with the Nicaraguan kids from Puma

Gord and Brenda Nickerson    March 15

We'll soon be sending out a more detail update...so for now I'm just sending you a short list of some ways you can pray for Brenda and I over the next week or two.

1. Brenda flew to Austria on Sunday evening to attend our Josiah Venture Women's Conference. You can pray for her that she'll have significant conversations with the other women as God uses her to encourage and minister to them. She'll also get to spend some time with our Amy as she'll be attending for the first time since moving to Czech Republic to serve on the Communications Team. Also pray for safety while they travel, good connections, and enjoyment and refreshment for both of them in the midst of these busy days.

2. While Brenda is away I'm busy in my new role as Director of Josiah Venture Canada. Although we haven't made the physical move yet we have hit the ground running and looking at 2017 as a year of much growth for JV Canada. We are working to find a couple more Canadian board members, churches that will partner with us by sending short term teams and interns to assist in Europe each summer, and individuals and churches that will partner financially to assist with moving expenses.

3.You can be praying specifically that things will come together for our move to Canada sometime in early summer (we need to sell our house, pack up (purge) our things, and find a new house). There are many details when moving across borders...so appreciate your prayers.

Thanks again for the many ways you support Brenda and I and this ministry of equipping young leaders throughout Central and Eastern Europe. We couldn't do this without you.

Kim Nemeth from Nicaragua    March 14

 !Hola Amigos!


We're headed back from the build site and we're feeling pretty beat.  It was crazy hot today - 39 degrees.  Marcus was fading but then he had an orange Fanta (the official drink of this trip) for lunch and perked up again.  But considering the snow and cold that we're having in Canada, we won't complain.


Our job site is about 30 km from the Honduran border and the highway we travel to get there from where we're staying is the Pan American which goes from Alaska to Panama.  We were stopped at a police check point yesterday but we weren't detained.  We also pass through the ring of fire which consists of 6 active volcanoes.  The last major eruption was in 2015 but you can see smoke coming from a few of them.


This morning we got to hand out more school supplies as well as toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by a dentist in Ottawa that another family we're with brought down - to the students that we're building the school for. They had been studying in crudely built buildings but are now using homes in the community as their classrooms until this school is built - which they estimate will take a month. 


We spent the afternoon tying rebar and digging holes. 


On Sunday we went to a church in the community and were able to pass out the Bible's that we brought with us.  It was an amazing privilege to worship with them and we felt God's presence there.  Btw - we didn't encounter any hassle going through customs in the airport in Managua as they scanned through the five boxes.  They simply asked "Libros?" And I answered: "para una Iglesia". I had been practicing (and praying).


Anyways my friends thank you for your continued prayers.  Please keep them coming!




Bill and Sheila    March 14

Pray for peaceful and joyous Easter celebrations this month. Pray that Bill would be able to develop his contacts within the government TB program in our area. Sheila will be facilitating an E2S program from 23 - 29 April in Malaysia, pray for an encouraging and enriching time.

Dave and Kim Nemeth in Nicaragua    March 14

I wanted to check in and let you know that we're here safely. I can't say that we're having a great time because it's so much more than that. I've been moved to tears a bunch of times by the gratitude, love and hospitality shown by the people we have met so far. I feel very undeserving of it bc all we did was show up, really. We were greeted with cheers and balloons, song and dances and poems and signs in both of the communities we have been to so far. In the picture below, I am helping to hand out school supplies that your generous donations helped make possible. The impact of these kids is massive. I'm proud of the way my kids have risen to the occasion. Today Marcus was playing ball with some of the local kids and wanted to know how to say "can you be my friend?" In Spanish. The girls were helping to cut re-bar working hard in the punishing heat. Dave of course was happy to have a measuring tape in his hand and started helping out the foreman.

You all share in the gratitude that we're receiving because you helped us get here and I'm so incredibly thankful for each of you.

Ruth Thomson    March 13

Click here for Ruth Thomson's language assistant, Edina,[on right] recent update--only in Portuguese.

Rosemary Walker    March 134

Click here for Rosemary's latest update from Bunia.

Mahona Pascal    March 13    [Commenting on Bill Fitch's Listen to Learn visit in Tabora]

As we start this new week, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and God's love at how much God is showing up to me as well as to others. I n few days ago His Lights shined. Bill Fitch and his squads joined us for dinner. it was incredible that we came to know each other and meet in personal for the first time  and how quickly friendship formed. This is how easily the rain of Heaven can fill the bucket of our heart with joy through meeting new friends and learn what a godly man can look like. 

In their visit, I have seen how amazing these people are, how they are so committed to transform people through sharing Good news of Jesus to anyone who is interesting in Christian Faith. During their visit they gave me a device in it there are lesson to learn and will enable me to strengthen my faith more than ever and to sow and proclaim the seed sown to me to others.

 I am overwhelmed by their visit! I can say with great confidence that my faith will continue to be changed and be transformed amazingly by following the Light of Jesus. God has a pretty big bucket and every drop has purpose and meaning to Him. I just cant figure out how this looks like but I am delighted and will never stop to follow HIS direction. 

My big thanks to everyone who is praying for Bill Fitch's ministry. Please continue to pray with him and his friends as he travel in different parts to proclaim Good News.

Here are the things I am thankful for Bill Fitch's visit;.

I am thankful for the smile that greeted me while I welcomed them and directed to our home and family.

I am thankful for the opportunity to connect and make new friendship and thankful for God revealing Himself in real tangible and new ways 

I am thankful for the laughter we both had that doesn't need to be translated to see the joy and our true identity in Jesus.

I am thankful for the humbling chat and moments when they instructed me how to use the special  gift they gave to me.

I am thankful to get to witness and connect with the Kingdom  builders and how God is growing His Kingdom more than I ever imagined. Thanks for your friendship.

Bloom-Nemeth Ministry in Nicaragua    March 13


Its a balmy 36 in Nicaragua. They tell me it was 42 in the sun. Thank goodness I was protected under a nice tin roof as we worshiped god with the people of puma. That is the community where the school will be built.  

Here is Kim handing out some bibles to the people here at the church we went to today. They were extremely excited to receive them, many for the first time could take them home to read. 

It is also a real blessing for us to be able to encourage and support the parents here.  This does seem like a huge deal for them. 

We are having a great time but Pray for us in the heat.


Here is the church. Just completed a big renewal project 

Mary Jane Fandrich    March 13

Teta, Teta, the sing song greeted me at Home of Hope. Times spent playing LEGO, teaching nursery rhymes, and dressing and feeding all serve to build the relationships that orphan children need.

Young minds absorb their environment, and we have been able to share so much of God's love through teaching at chapel, and memorization orally of precious words directly from Jesus: "He who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life, Let the children come to me and don't obstruct them, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven!" Learning orally and memorization is native to the Middle Eastern mind.

Recently, the director of Home of Hope has been replaced by the person who first introduced me to the ministry of the Shelter, and it is going to be easier to work with him. The recounting of the feeding on the mount and what followed on the lake, and then the interaction on the shore alerted me to how hard Jesus worked his disciples.

Noah George, not only now has the direction of Home of Hope, but he also teaches adult SS at his church and preaches. This is after picking up a bunch of kids by van from the Shelter, and then ferrying them back. Incidentally, his wife, Soraya, is ready to deliver another family member to add to their 18 month old Justin. Noah's mother is due to arrive from Alaska to share the new arrival.

This kind of overload is common to work here and everywhere God places His people. We could never keep up if we were orchestrating our lives, but following Jesus makes all things possible. After all it's His business, not ours.

A cousin here in Beirut passed away last night. Family will be flying in from the States, and his wife, Grace, will need many times of sharing and support. Pray that we here will fully share God's comfort and love with all who are involved with the mourning and memories.

Following Jesus, we don't stumble around in darkness but have the Light of Life!

PS Photos: Snack time at ACCESS, Zeinab with rice and beans.

Mahona Pascal    March 12

Wow!! Love this picture. What an exciting to see my friends in the house of the Lord Jesus!! 

The house itself as well as the believers makes the whole scene visible:-)

I am thankful for Jesus, who is our light and show us the way! 

Scott and Beth Hurd    March 12

We've had some good conversations over FaceTime lately -- it is truly a blessing to have the technology to connect even though we are on opposite sides of the planet.

While Anne is having some good days, she is still having many very challenging ones.  She experiences a lot of pain and discomfort, and is still having trouble with nausea at times.

They have had some good dialogue with her ongoing medical care team, as well as the doctors at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the doctors are indicating there are no easy answers for many of the current challenges.

Anne has restarted the lanreotide injections to help with the NET carcinoid syndrome symptoms, and hopefully a change in diet and additional exercise will provide some additional improvement in other symptoms.  What this means is that Anne & Coleman are adjusting to some new longer-term realities, particularly in trying to manage the symptoms and discomfort.

We still have much to be thankful for.  A recent MRI showed no evidence of new tumours, and we continue to trust daily in God's grace.  This circumstance has given Anne many chances to share where her confidence and hope lie, and we pray that this will influence those with whom she interacts in person and online to think about their own relationship with God.

We deeply value your continued prayers for Anne, Coleman, Samuel and Eleanor -- for the strength and grace for each day, for easing of the discomfort and nausea, and ultimately for God's glory to be revealed in this.  We also pray for healing and restoration, trusting in God's sovereignty and faithfulness to be able to do so.

Please also pray for the circumstances around one of the medical tests that has been recommended -- there is a Gallium scan (a procedure that Anne had done in South Africa before we relocated them to the US) that has been recommended on a periodic basis (since it is now available in the US).  But the insurance company has now twice denied the application for this to be covered -- so we ask for prayer that upon further appeal, coverage will be granted.  This is a very useful procedure, specifically for the type of cancer Anne has.

Xerggyo and Hil    March 11

We had wonderful week, we finished the first phase of the language skill (we took six months).

Now we continue with the program, to use personal stories, and connect with the good news.

We are receiving interesting questions, during this time.

Ann Chow    March 11

WEA leaders from more than 20 countries gathered at the Allianzhaus in Bad Blankenburg, Germany.

Click here for more information on Ann's involvement in The World Evangelical Alliance

Sylvia Dresser    March 11 

TEAM Papua reported a good conference. Riepmas go on HA so Huberts and Savages will be even busier with the Bible School and 3 community centres. Pray for funds for repairs and a new building at the Bible School. The New Tribes team going to the Asmat have been given a boat by a boat builder but need funds for outboard engines.

Dom Goold    March 9

Dom's Campus Ministry Update March 2017

Half of a story isn't the full story, be careful what you believe in


UTSC Leaders

The Full Story

       A month ago, two of my Black students and I sat in our seats next to Black student leaders and campus staff from across the mid Atlantic region in the USA for their annual leadership conference, eager to learn, to be given a vision for times such as we are living in. At the start, we were led into a talk about the dangers of believing only half of the story.

In that talk, a past InterVarsity alumnus, now Pastor, took us back to the start, to Genesis, unpacking shalom, and what shalom means in terms of the gospel. “The gospel”, Andrew said, “...must influence us both personally and socially. This means that beyond our personal alignment with King Jesus with our lives, Jesus' death on the cross calls us also to seek justice and correct oppression. For us to not to be about both these things is a direct affront to the shalom of God. He also spoke about changing systems that oppress; but cautioned us to remember that although systems need to change, so do hearts” (paraphrased). 

We are called to be peacemakers and reconcilers, to be about justice

Andrew ended with these questions: 

How has God called us to be a maker of shalom on my campus? What would it look like to seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God? And, what transformation is necessary in both our personal lives and socially on our campus right now?

After this sermon, we chatted and learned and processed what justice and witness looks like, what next steps looked like to transforming systems, and heard the significance and need for Black student leaders in this generation going forward. Half way through the day, Helina looked at me and said, Dom, some of what we are learning I know you have taught; but it is so important for me to hear it coming from Black leaders. This is all really landing hard in me. I turned to her and said, I know,” I smiled big then said, “that is why we are here.

 If the conference wasn't rich enough, giving us much to process and wade through, the hospitality we received from both NaKhia (IV USA Staff) and her brother and his wife (George and Stephanie), and their three kids would bring you to tears. It brought tears to my eyes. They never met us before, but loved us lavishly and deeply in such tangible and significant ways. I was and am still overwhelmed by it. We feel really loved and quite deeply connected to our new friends in Baltimore. A weekend that filled us emotionally and spiritually. We are truly grateful. Please pray as we debrief and consider how to respond with our community on campus to what we heard.



Rice Stories

           I remember it like it was yesterday. I was standing on the porch of my new place talking on the phone with one of my students about an event we were about to host. Marilyn was telling me about what story telling is like from Ghana, and giving me the first sneak peak into the story she was going to tell. A huge smile stretched across my face, and a deep joy rose within me. I could sense that the gathering that night would be unlike any other we had hosted before. The story I was hearing and that would be later shared again would invite each of us around the table on a journey and into a story that we might not otherwise have opportunity to experience. 

    I arrived that night with Susanna, Field Director for the GTA, armed with  vegetable fried rice, chicken biryani, coconut oil rice with cinnamon & brown sugar. We placed these rice dishes around the table with other rice dishes made by students of mine and new students who are getting to know our community. (This gathering was also the first event we were hosting with some International student leaders/group who are joining our community, as their IVCF Staff is continuing ministry in New Zealand with IFES). 

    Marilyn invited us in to gather around the table, helping us make space for one another to share stories of family, of home, of significant moments in time that came to mind as we passed the dishes around the table, sharing ourselves with one another through the many types of rice dishes and stories that both allowed us to see our similarities and our differences.

    I asked two students, Marilyn and Rachel to name what their experience was, and how it was good/significant for them and for our community. Here is what they said:


    Rice stories created space for us to reflect on what makes each of us unique or similar, it helped me see little things that contribute or make up part of my/our identities

    Everyone had differing stories of preparing rice but we all had the common  thread of family that was centred around rice

    I noticed that people want to be known, when given a safe space to share things of themselves, such as culture, they made use of that opportunity 

    We had people who were part of the community for a while as well as some new people at the table. Sharing stories allowed everyone to open up about their  culture and it was a very comforting atmosphere to be part of. It didn't matter at         what point in time you joined the community, it felt extremely inclusive  overall. ....And seeing the variety of ways rice was prepared in different cultures  was very eye opening

        Rice stories was not just an event we had. After reflecting upon it.....
Do you want to Read More...click this link: https://thinkingaboutspiritualthings.wordpress.com/2017/03/08/rice-stories/


What has God been showing and speaking to us? Prayer Requests? Please pray for these things:

  • Pray for us as we debrief and process the content we received from our recent trip to Baltimore at the Black Student Leaders Conference. Pray also for Marilyn and Helina as I have asked them to teach their peers what they learned in the coming weeks
  • We have made this semester a series of experiments, by trying some new ways of doing ministry that matches better culturally. Pray as we debrief The Gathering and Rice Stories and our introduction to different ways to pray, especially during exam period in prepartation for Summer Community and for the Fall term
  • In December at our mini retreat, we had a moving time of prayer with the leaders and God spoke in power. He told us how there are many who are dead on campus and how he is calling us to be jail breakers by partnering with Him. Please pray for courage and trust as we learn to partner with Holy Spirit with our friends and to intentionally go where He leads us as we wait on Him. Pray as we learn by going. I see this as a call that will be lived into over the next year.
  • -Also at our December retreat, God spoke of his great Authority in the image of running water that shoots, gushes and declares his power. Another image I will share is of one of my students at a podium in an auditorium filled with students. Behind that student is myself, and behind me is Holy Spirit. I interpret this image to mean that my role is affirmed by God to empower students of all ethnicities to have voice and lead, and I lead by being in partnership with Holy Spirit.
  • - Feb 21st we had another mini retreat and God led me (Dom) to teach and to teach on the gospel being bigger than we have known it to be. I taught on evangelism and discipleship being two sides of the same coin and it's link to this bigger gospel than we've known. Before I knew it I was preaching and students were responding. I have not known myself to preach. God seems to be adding gifts to me in this past year, after he has promised to do so. I felt led in power by Holy Spirit and it was new to me. Pray for us as we live out what God offered us and as I learn to work well with new gifts I am being given
  • Pray for our summer term (beginning in May) as we live out intentionally loving our friends and being sent to those we wait on Holy Spirit to send us too. Pray also for me as I am walking with several students who need a mentor outside our community. Pray that God would move in power in their lives.
  • Pray for us as we seek to expand the number of leaders to match what is needed on a commuter campus. Pray for fruitful growth.
  • Pray for me (Dom) as I am one of the main leaders to lead a class at Mark Central. Pray for me to be sustained by the strength of God for May 1-7 and to be sensitive to partner well with Holy Spirit to lead and teach students well.


What's been happening, what is going on at UTSC:

  • Student leaders led their peers for the first time in scripture study
  • *We discovered the need to try new things to better match needs of students in general and culturally. 
  • *This winter has been about trying new things: creating The Gathering-- a place for a larger group gathering that leads students in an explicitly shared vision, includes worship, and student engagement with scripture. Also, 'Rice Stories' which now includes topics that are linked to what we talk about at the Gathering
  • *Learning about (and trying for the first time) the value and gift of Lament to us and to the broader church
  • *growing in our understanding that the gospel is bigger than we have ever thought it was, and that discipleship and evangelism are two sides of the same coin.
  • *Practicing listening to God and allowing him to send us to fellow students on campus
  • *Wrestling with the question, Is the gospel good news, can it hold and hold well the depth of pain and oppression and struggle that students know in their lives, in the world and in the history of their people who have suffered systemic and other forms of oppression? We seek to see God show up in power and in the midst of it all.                                


Upcoming Event:
Mark Central! 

This May hundreds of Inter-Varsity students from across Canadian universities will gather to spend over 50 hours in scripture together at Mark Central, East, or West. My students and I will head to Muskoka for Mark Central this May 1-7. What will Jesus do amongst us?

I will be a lead teacher this year for the first time. Please pray for me as I seek to partner well with Holy Spirit in leading and teaching.

Want to help a student from UTSC get there? The cost is $450 per student for registration/accommodation/food/travel. I have 4 students who would appreciate financial partnership.  
To Donate:
 Click the link below, typing in my last name Goold and write Mark Central in the comment section.
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Bill Fitch    March 8

They [Bill Fitch and his Listen to Learn crew] arrived safely at Hanneke's in Taboara.! 

They are now well fed! 

Click here for Bill's latest travel newsletter.

Sunday Service at Knox

The first service of Lent was preached by Fleming Rutledge. Click here to hear her powerful sermon on the cross of Jesus Christ.

Gladys Linthicum    March 6

I have been fighting  a unique flu bug now for 4 weeks: coughing and extreme weaknesses. MY lungs have always been clear but my bronchials were infected. The Dr. gave me an antibiotic for that, also a puffer.. I saw him last Friday and he assured me I am on the mend. The tiredness is gradually leaving me.  I am to continue to get lots of rest, eat Ensure and use my puffer to open my bronchials to help me breathe. I have been sleeping a lot in my big chair but haven been able to use my bed for part of the night lately.  This has been a very unique flu, 4 other people who have had this all say it takes

3 or 4 weeks to get over it, viral. I haven't been to church for 4 weeks, too weak, maybe next Sun.


My eyesight isn't what it used to be and I find it a bit difficult reading small print. Short emails are much appreciated or if a larger font is used.


Thank you sooooo much for your faithful prayers and support.

Hanneke Cost Budde    March 6

Took this picture of Ngassa and Mahona this morning, ready for church. Handsome aren't they!!! 

Beth Huddleston    March 5

On March 1, Beth was moved to the Meaford Hospital. She will be there until a bed opens in the nursing home in Meaford. Apparently there are some nursing homes that would have more facilities that could be helpful for Beth,however, they are not in Meaford and Beth really wants to go there.

Helen says there has not been much improvement in her physical use of her right arm and leg, and she is attempting some words but they are not always understood.

Unfortunately overall, it does not sound like there has been significant gains. [reported by Susan and Ian Bowles]

Paul and Mary Beth McLean    March 4

Pray for eagle eyes for Paul McLean as he works with the team and the Korean Bible Society to finalize proofreading of the Drekay Bible. Pray that the Bible will be ready to send to the printers by the end of this week. Pray also that the printing will go smoothly. They have scheduled the date of dedication and celebration for Pentecost Sunday (June 4). This week Paul is also working alongside the principle translator for the Bunun project. He would appreciate prayer for energy for each day and good rest each night. 

Nabeel Qureshi    March 4

Click here for Nabeel's health update [blog 20]

Ruth Thomson    March 3

Sanere taping

Interior Brazil:
It’s rainy season! Two bridges have been washed out on the way to Bau, the Kayapó village where my son Wakõkra lives, Wakõkra, the one who helped me translate much of the New Testament and who is now a pastor for his people which includes a far-flung radio ministry.
I am here in an interior Brazilian town waiting for a ride to another Kayapó village which is only accessible by plane. And up to this point what have I been doing?
In November of last year I left my home in Durham and went to Kenya to visit and encourage my other adopted son David and the orphanage that he runs. I was able to bring them water filters, Bibles and mosquito nets and get the orphanage registered and also health insurance. All this was accomplished by the grace of God in a very short time and because of the generosity of many who gave sacrificially.
Then off to Brazil where the first thing I did was catch chikungunya, a horrible disease. To recover I went to six Kayapó villages together with a Presbyterian minister who is entering into the Kayapó work. There were quite a few baptisms, many services, and much teaching. It was very moving for me to finally see the harvest where a few years ago I thought I would never see a harvest, to see them conducting their own services, memorizing their 30 verses in order to obtain a New Testament and to see them following the Lord. It was also very gratifying to see Wakõkra with his radio ministry.
Next step was to go to Porto Velho where I would meet Edina, my Brazilian partner whom Knox is helping support and Sanere, the young woman of the closed _______tribe, and probably the only Christian. She loves the Lord Jesus and wants to bring His Word to her tribe. She is presently in Bible School but came to Porto Velho to help us. In a short time we corrected and taped the book of Jonah in her language, corrected and taped the first 3 chapters of Genesis, and a whole bunch of Bible stories ranging from Genesis to Revelation, and the icing on the cake, we even made a video of Jonah! I’ll show you a picture of some of the wild life in the area of Porto Velho and surrounding Indian villages!
Thank you for your prayers, and continuing support. Please pray that the Lord will give me wisdom and strength to continue with the Kayapó work, the translation work in the ______ tribe, and the work with the orphanage in Kenya. I pray someone would feel called to go and help the orphanage in Kenya. It desperately needs help.
A word to those who are supporting me financially: First of all a huge and heart-felt thank you. If you are sending money for the orphanage in Kenya, please be sure and note that it is for Kenya. It will go into a separate account that is just for Kenya, and you will get a tax exempt receipt.

Elaine Esser    March 3

I have had a bad cold that the doctor gave me antibiotics for. It is improving and I didn't  react to the new antibiotic that he gave me which was an answer to pray as I have a problem with taking antibiotics. I still get tired very quickly but the coughing has improved.

Mahona Pascal    March 3

Here I am feeling good although anyone who wants to talk with me must shout out loud! 

Amen for prayers,

Malumba clinic construction activities is going ‎quite well.

Mary Jane Fandrich    March 3

Everyone is going out straight:

UNHR plus WorldVision for 150 children in the morning and 150 in the afternoon, classrooms with paid teachers; Beit el Hanane (House of gentleness), taking in abused and battered women and their children, privately run and supported by the ACCAD family; Beit el Raja (House of Hope), variously supported by government, The Lebanese Evangelical Society, and private donors, apparently notoriously underfunded, and full of my children that God set before me to play LEGO, teach scripture, counting, letters, and just plain love.

A week ago on the way to Emanuel Baptist Church evening Bible Study, Noah George stopped off at HOH to pick up as many of my boys, age 9 to 13 as he could cram into the van. They scrambled in chanting 'Teta, Teta, happy to find their Téta on board. Many of them have been impacted by the repeated offering of teaching about Jesus and Who He is and their individual prayers reflected this.

Lack of funding seems to plague all the ministries noted above, and practically every evangelical effort in Lebanon. Mulling this over this morning it came to me that the Disciples had the same challenge. 'How on earth do You think we are supposed to feed these

5000+?' They, nor we, recognized Who they were working under. He

took the five loaves and two fish, gave thanks and gave it to the disciples to distribute.

In the middle of the lake in a storm, they still had not realized what they had participated in.

Lord, help us to look You in the face and realize Who you are : I AM WHO I AM.

Bloom/Nemeth Mission to Nicaragua    February 28

Knox's Bloom and Nemeth families are headed off to Nicaragua during the March break. They will be involved in the construction of a school building for SchoolBOX [Tom and Sarah's project]. They will be packing Bibles and Christian books in their luggage to be distributed to school libraries. They would greatly appreciate your prayers. If you would like to invest in their ministry trip, click here or mark your envelope, Nicaragua Family Trip. You can also donate toward the cost of the Bibles, by clicking here or marking your envelope: Bibles for Nicaragua.

Tom went ahead of the Knox Family Missions Trip to Nicaragua to visit the El Puma community, where the families will be helping to build a new 3 classroom school.  The community is so excited to have the Canadian families with them, as is the local Pastor.  There is lots of work to be done!  Tom, SchoolBOX leaders & local officials joined with the teachers and students for The ceremonial laying of the  1st blocks to kick off the construction.

Free Sermon Cassettes    March 2

Many years of archival cassettes of former preachers and teachers (including Summer Fellowship) at Knox have been digitized. The original cassettes will be available in the Winchester Room. You are welcome to pick up as many as you can use. FREE!

Tom Affleck    February 28

I loved giving this childrens Bible to one of the leaders in a small rural community near Sebaco in Nicaragua.  As a member of the local Church, he is helping SchoolBOX to build a beautiful new school for the children in his


Ann Chow   February 27

Great meetings with Food for the Hungry in Vancouver this past week.  I’m now in the countryside of Germany.

Germany for the International Leadership Meetings of their top 45 leaders from their alliances and International Council (board). I've just been asked to emcee one of their days (pray, pray, pray!) and will present our feasibility study on hosting their General Assembly for them in 2019.  Please pray this goes well and is approved. 

I then meet with another organization in Frankfurt about another potential conference at the end of 2019. 

Then off to Oxford to meet another organization about a future role with them, just working out the potential aspects they need.  

I'm really excited about the whole trip, and have been praying for discernment since last fall. Hoping and praying for decisions to be made following these meetings that clarify God's direction for the next couple of years or more.

Mahona Pascal    February 25

I am losing hearing, it's tough to watch our bodies fall apart but we already have the taste of the eternal in Jesus! We came from the Loving God, so we will return!  

I believe that God will do the impossible, I continue to believe and trust that all will be well. In Him all things come together for the good of the Lord in His timing.

Healing or not healing, I will follow Him! 

Hanneke Cost Budde    February 25

Our doctor, with the new pikipiki, Thomas, now has a small fracture in his ankle and is in a cast..... Oh boy! 

The work at Malumba is progressing. 

Jim Mason    February 25

Click here for Jim's March prayer update.

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