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Jim Mason
November  18

This is just a short note to let you know that, due to a cancellation, I am having open heart surgery at St Mary’s Hospital in Kitchener (to replace and/or repair heart valve issues) on Monday, November 20th. This has come a lot sooner than I had anticipated, but I am at peace and trust in God’s perfect timing.

When I get out of the hospital (approximately 5 days after the operation if there are no complications) I will be going to Heather and Geoff’s place in Guelph to recuperate for a while.

I will get back to my e-mail in due course, and will have my cellphone on me after I am over the worst (Tel: 519-880-5357).

I would be most grateful for your prayers.  

Click below for teh rpayer sheet.


Rosemary Walker
November 17

Just a note to assure you that I’m perking along happily back here in Montreal. Lots happening here.

Besides doing some translation into French for our web site, I’ve been:

tying up my Cup of Cold Water Project at this end and consulting with the church leadership in Bunia, DRC,
regarding the use of the final funds at that end,
updating lists and making calls relating to tomorrow’s 19th annual AIM Matinée pour l’Afrique.
helping organise and advertise the bilingual Christmas Fellowship of the Friends of Africa to be held here in Montreal on Saturday, December 9th.
seeing the doctor and getting x-rays after falling down four-five stairs the other day on my way to church (hands full). Not to worry, thought! I was really sore that day, but I didn’t even need to take an Aspirin! I’m
doing pretty well now, but am trying not to carry too many heavy things at once.

Happily, the translation is coming along, though slowly. I’m hoping to finish up the basics for our new French web site well before Christmas. Marlene is the greatest hostess, and a very good cook, too. I’m blessed and will be staying at her place in La Salle, just a few steps from the Lachine Rapids in the St. Lawrence River, until going to Toronto for Christmas with Dave. Prayer requests would be:

 on-going prayer for my plans for next year, as I’m still waiting on the Lord for the green light to return to the Congo next year if this is His will.

 I have received two notices from Bunia this week – one that one of my students was unable to complete her last year of teacher training due to lack of funds, the other that the son of a staff member in the CECA-20 Church offices (also one of my students) ill have to pay $476 US (about $500 Canadian) to fly down to university in Lubumbashi from Bunia, via Goma. If you know anything about the terrain and the distances in the DRC, you can be assured that driving is neither safe nor efficient (if it is possible at all). The young man was counting on getting an “air lift” with the UN, but that fell through. I have done my best since returning home to help two university students with their fees and also have sent a personal gift to the ISP (teacher training college), so it is somewhat distressing to hear of these further urgent needs. Your prayer would be appreciated for these dear people.

 for our matinée tomorrow morning. It’s a ton of work for Dita Poenaru, the Provincial Mobiliser for Quebec, and the French and English AIM committee members, but they have a wonderful programme planned. May the Lord use it for His glory, both here and in Africa, and call new workers into His harvest in that needy continent.

 The same kind of prayers for our annual AIM Christmas Celebration in Toronto next Saturday. I hope some of you can come.

Thanks to all who pray for and support me financially. I am a terrible communicator, but I couldn’t do a thing without your help – and the Lord’s help, too, of course! 

Oh, I just remembered that it was November 16th, 1976, that I took off for Africa and the Comoro Islands for a short term with AIM. That means that as of yesterday, I’ve been 41 years with the mission. The Lord has been good and led me faithfully all the way. Ii praise and thank him for his faithfulness “through it all.” 


Dave and Susan Jeffery
November 17

Our purpose for writing to you all today is not to give you the usual update on what's going on in our lives and ministry at CanIL. Rather, it is to draw your attention to some highly significant prayer requests. Several of our recent prayer letters have asked you to pray for TWU (Trinity Western University)'s plans to open a law school. These plans have met with strong opposition from the law societies in BC and Ontario. After decisions that have gone both for and against TWU in the lower courts, the time has now come for this matter to be decided at the highest level: the Supreme Court of Canada.
On Nov 30 and Dec 1, the lawyers for TWU, the two law societies, and over twenty other concerned organizations will present their arguments before the nine justices (five men, four women) of the Supreme Court. While on the surface this is about whether TWU can operate a law school, the decisions made could have far-reaching implications that could affect every Canadian Christian.
What is at stake? The following is from the EFC (Evangelical Fellowship of Canada)'s 'Pray for Religious Freedom' handout:
• At the heart of the issue is the place of religion in Canadian public life. Can government bodies refuse to accredit or recognize Christian or other religious institutions that meet all the required standards?
• A decision against TWU could mean that a religious institution can no longer maintain community expectations, and thereby erode their religious distinctiveness. A negative decision may not only potentially trigger a tightening of restrictions on other Canadian Christian institutions of higher learning, but also restrict other religious organizations that ask its members to live counter-culturally.
TWU, the EFC, and many other Christian organizations are calling for a nationwide Day of Prayer for Religious Freedom on Nov 26. Will you join us in praying for our country? Will you encourage your home church to make this a central focus of its gatherings that day?
A reminder of what could be at stake (again from the EFC handout):
• The accreditation and recognition of religious institutions in Canada.
• The freedom of religious institutions (churches, schools, camps, missions, etc.) to maintain their religious character and purposes.
• The future of professional training programs run by Christian institutions.
Click this link where you can find more details and where you can commit to pray:

Holley Robertson
November 17

I wanted to send you a photo of our beautiful Holley, looking so much better and healthier, even if she is in a huge hospital gown. Today she had Mommy’s spa day and got her hair all washed and had a massage and then a good long sleep. She finished her last antibiotic today at noon, after 2-1/2 months!!! She doesn’t seem to have any pain or discomfort from the feeding tube, in fact she doesn’t have pain anywhere in her body today!! A new physio came in today that both Dawna and Holley really like. They had her sitting up on the side of the bed, and carefully let go of her. Holley wobbled a little bit but was able to balance herself – which is really great as she hasn’t been able to do that for 3-1/2 mos due to overall weakness.

Dr. Leasa came in to see her and was really pleased. He has certified that Dawna is capable of using both the cough assist machine and the suction machine at home, so we don’t need to have therapists in to do that! We are still waiting for the cough assist machine to show up at the hospital so we have it when we bring Holley home. I have the suction machine at home and it is charged and ready to go.

For once, I wanted to share with you a good and positive update. It has been difficult for me to write about the bad days and I know it has been hard for all of you to read them. So I just wanted to thank you all once again for all your emails, calls, cards, support and especially prayers. I know we couldn’t have gone thru this without knowing all of you were with us! And we are so proud of how Holley has managed all the pain and sickness she has had to endure these past 3-1/2 months – she is our heroine! Our SuperWoman! We still have a short time in the hospital (they say 1 week after the feeding tube is inserted, assuming no problems or infections occur) and some time at home to get her healthier than ever and eating all her favourite foods, but we are getting there! 


Hanneke Cost Budde
November 17

These are dried fish from Kigoma. The kids wanted this for dinner tonight. Yummy???? I made Shepherds pie yesterday so I will have something good for dinner!
These fish are dried and rolled up.... I told them that they remind me of something that the dogs left in the yard. Mfaume couldn't stop laughing. No we won't treat you to this "wonderful " dinner! 

Arrie Pang 
November 17

Operation Mobilization, Miaoli County, Taiwan
Please pray that: 1. God will open the door for ministry opportunities. We need to get some permission from schools and local authority.
2. The unity of this outreach team.
3. The locals are willing accept Christ as their personal Savior and Lord
Last-minute applications are never fun... Expensive airfares, accommodations...
Waited for a whole month from OM between October and November, I finally got accepted for a 10-day mission trip to Taiwan on Dec 15 to Dec 25. We will be serving in a township called Tongluo (means "gong", the music instrument in English) in Miaoli County.
We will be participating in school visit, Christmas
event, street caroling, friendship evangelism, practical work, tracting, flea market, prayer night etc...

Mahona Pascal
November 15

Mom, you told me in front of her to make friends before starting classes .

It seems like you created our friendship since that day!!!

My friend is in the same class with me, she likes to ask me if you are coming to see me!!

She likes to sit next to me everyday!! If she finds someone sitting next to me- she always ask him/her to find another place to sit!!

She took me to hospital today and paid for the appointment! We have an appointment to see the ear doctor on Saturday!!


Ann Chow
November 14

Greetings from Washington, DC. Well, actually Arlington, VA where I can see the Pentagon from the 11th floor window.

Started working with International Justice Mission this week, for 9 months as they prep for their staff conference next fall in Dallas. They’ve never gathered their staff together, so it should be significant!

As I’ve worked on 4 conferences and visa applications, I have a unique skill set to offer them.

I’ve long admired their work as Christian abolitionists, so it’s an honour to join their team and meet their staff.

I’d love your prayers as we create the systems and structures to support their visa application process and build strong relationships based on trust and respect.

Getting back to Toronto on Thursday, so prayers for safe travels are also welcome. 

Luke and Yuko Elliot
November 13

As you may remember from our Prayer Updates at the beginning of our Home Assignment in Canada, one of our primary objectives for our time here is to lay the administrative groundwork for allowing donations from Canada to go toward a new main building at the Aomori Christian Center--a project that will allow this important ministry to continue and to grow over the next 50 years.
We give thanks to the Lord that we can now report that the ownership of the property, as of October 30, has been formally transferred from TEAM (which is no longer active in Aomori or the Tohoku region) to OMF. This will allow the Aomori Christian Center to become an OMF International Project to which OMF Canada can transfer funds without risking non-compliance with Canadian tax law.
Many of you in Canada have been frustrated in the past in your desire to give toward the cabin renovation project and toward a new main building. We are hopeful that by year's end this problem will be resolved and ask for your prayers that it will be so.
We give thanks for the very generous donations from individuals in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Australia that have already amounted to about one tenth of the funds needed to build the new multi-purpose refectory which is the first, biggest, and most important phase of our building project.
(Please also continue to pray for the healing of the torn muscle in Yuko's right middle finger, and that it will be protected from further injury. Yuko has been very frustrated as it seriously affects her ability to work efficiently, but we are grateful that it seems to be healing "on schedule" and hopeful that she will have the full use of her hand by next spring.) 

Morning Prayer

It's morning here in East Africa and I am about to get up and enjoy a book 'PEACE WITH GOD' by Billy Graham that my beloved mom has given me to read!!!

Before I start this day and reading, let me say a little prayer. I pray that your day will be full of nice wonders and immeasurable blessings of the if the Lord!

Precious Lord, I thank You for all You have done for me, while I was asleep that I may see Your light of another day, for I am one of Your children, one of the sheep of Your flock.

I pray that my thoughts and acts this day may reflect my love and thanks for all You have done for me.

I pray for you to richly bless all the people who showing your love by supporting me by prayers, financially and encouraging me in anyway. I am thankful to you Lord for them. Without them, I couldn't be where I am!!!!

I pray for You also, to heal those who are wounded, touch those who are in pain, clean those who are soiled and warm those who are cold!!!

Heavenly Father, help me through Your Holy Spirit that I may remember what You have taught me in Your Word and that I may show forth in my deeds!!!

Help me to enjoy this book PEACE WITH GOD by Billy Graham that I am about to read today!!!

Help me to lift up that love and display it in all I may meet.!!!

Help me to believe and encourage others to believe, hope joyfully and inspire others to embrace that joy and to love divinely as You has so graciously loved me.

As Your sun rises, I pray in the precious name of Jesus, Amen!!! 


Dr. J. Glyn Owen
November 8

Peacefully on Friday evening, November 3rd, at Post Inn Village, in his 99th year. Glyn will be greatly missed by his beloved wife of 69 years, Prudence, his children, Carys, Marilyn and Andrew,son-in -law, Trevor, his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

He will also be missed by many of those whom he has ministered as a pastor and preacher in Knox Presbyterian Church, Toronto Westminster Chapel, London, England, Berry Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast, N. Ireland, Trinity Presbyterian Church Wrexham, Wales and Heath Church, Cardiff, Wales.

Mrs. Prudence Owen,  910-1240 Marlborough Ct  
Oakville, ON L6H 3K7 

Mahona's Tribute

I am so saddened to hear on Dr. J. Glyn Owen's passing. It's a sorrowful moment for us but he is now with the Lord Jesus Christ rejoicing. ‎

Dr. J. Glyn Owen has been inspiring me through his gifted and blessed ability to preaching.

‎I listen his preaching through the recorded preaching that a friend brought in the memory card when he came to Africa to visit us some years ago!!

I have heard about him from Mom and Xerggyo many times. Xerggyo has been reminding me on Dr. Owen's birthday. ‎ He was a friend, spiritual leader and a brother to many people.

Although I haven't met ‎Dr. J. Glyn Owen in personal, my faith is lifted through his preaching and blessed ability in sowing God's love to people.

I am so thankful to God for the life that Dr. J. Glyn Owen has served Jesus here on the earth.

I pray for family and friends to be comforted by the Lord Jesus Christ at this painful time of grief and loss. May the Lord ease your pain!!! 

"He is absent from the body and present with the Lord."

Hanneke's Tribute

When I Came to Knox in 1981, I was not a Christian. My background was R.C. and I had grown up with the knowledge that you just accept whatever your pastor says and do not question him.
I was 32 I entered Knox and was surprised by the warm welcome I received. This kindness and full acceptance drew me. One of those who welcomed me was Dr Glen Owen. The first thing he told me was:” Now lassie, remember, I am only a human being and I can make mistakes. Always carry your Bible and make sure you check out what I preach. If you do not understand something or you have questions, come and see me.” He gave me the book: What the Bible is all about, by J. Mears.
When I came to Knox there were quite a few new believers who needed Bible studies and Dr. Owen taught us every week with joy and tears. I had never met a man who was willing to give of his time to help us “babies in Christ”. He had such strong faith and loved his Lord. One day when he was teaching John 1 he had to stop as he was weeping when he was speaking about God’s love for His children.
His sermons never bored me and often I felt sad that he had finished speaking. When I visited him and his dear wife, Prudence, I felt often as if I entered a sacred place and when he prayed I felt the presence of the Lord. I know that both he and Mrs. Owen prayed for me as well as for many others and for Knox church as a whole.
I thank the lord for the privilege of having had such a wonderful spiritual father and I am thankful that he is where he most wanted to be. 

Wayne & Helen Hancock
November 8

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Xerggyo & Hil
November 7

Please continue to pray for Xerggyo. No treatment so far has given him significant improvement to his hearing. His left ear remains blocked and his right ear is ringing loudly and incessantly. His final treatment with antibiotics is today. He is also being treated with pure oxygen in and enclosed environment. He gets joy in remembering his last visit with Dr. Owen, when Dr. Owen placed his hands on him and prayed for his future work for His Kingdom.

Hanneke Cost Budde
November 6

Mfaume asked if he could volunteer at the hospital in the medicine department and they put him in the dispensing room. He loves it!

Today I took Naomi for her check up. At the dispensary where she gets the T.B. meds. she was told to go to the hospital to get her sputum tested. If I had not gone with her it would have been a disaster! First we went to the T.B. clinic. Naomi, being Tanzanian would have sat and waited her turn. I went to their office and explained tat her T.B. was in her lymph-node. They told me to see another doctor. We went to the reception but there were patients but no one to do the intake. I went around the corner and saw the person who was doing the intakes. "I will be right there" he said. He came and wanted to help only me so I asked about the other patients who were there before us. He then asked how many patients I had so I made them all "my patients" !😊 They all had their intake done. Naomi's file was different form the others so I knew when the nurse would call her. Low and behold another patients sat down with the nurse and she started to work on Naomi's file! I went over and asked if that was Naomi's file. She said YES!. I said : "This lady is not Naomi!" After that got sorted out Naomi was checked for her Blood pressure. It is very high and she is now on blood pressure and heart medication. I will take her for an ECG this week. We won't know about her T.B. until after she finishes her dose next month. Do keep her in your prayers. The Dr. prescribed her meds and we went to the dispensing room where we found Mfaume! He had to tell us that they did not have any of these meds....This is usual here!. Naomi also has to have a low salt diet and is to use little fat.


Heather Hauka
November 3

(Heather travelled with Ann Chow to South Africa organizing a mission conference)

SA has been amazing. The people I met and things I learned on this trip are so much better than expected. It's so "same" but totally different too. SA is western more than the rest of Africa I think but a ton of things surprised & saddened & perplexed me.... So many things about the landscape are just magical too. These umbrella looking trees, purple trees and spikey, thorny trees!

We visited Durban after the conference right on the heels of a terrible storm. Really bad flooding killed ppl in Durban where we stayed. The lady we stayed with knew people who died just the day before. We stayed with a woman who runs Seeds of Hope in Durban, An NGO that teaches health & skills & fosters spiritual Christian fellowship in the rural poor area. Her name is Heather. Get this- she's a single mom with a son named Caleb. Nuts!!

We went on a brief safari after the conference. That was awesome. Very windy though and the lions were hiding. I hear Kenya or Botswana is the place to go for serious safaris. Would love to do that again & bring my son. We met so many students who never learned about missions before. They told me they learn a lot about evangelism but many had never spoken with a missionary and didn't know anything at all about it- the scope and breadth of it. It was logistically chaotic, ( slow Africa time :-P ) but the students were so interested & submitted inquiries and applications to the mission orgs we had represented there, so, a really good week. I made some connections and networked too. I'm so glad Ann invited me. I loved being able to contribute work in that way.  

Ruth Thomson
November 2

Thank you so much for money provided by Helen Young's estate, supporting this project of printing the Old Testament portions. The Indians are going to be really grateful too as soon as they know. They will have to memorize 30 Bible verses to get a copy. And the primers which will enable them to read will also get printed.

The Bible Society in São Paulo will do the printing. Soon I hope to tell you that the copies are in Kayapó hands. The Bible Society is all ready to begin.    

Xerggyo & Hil
November 2

Continue to remember Xerggyo's serious hearing loss [-91%] in his left ear. "My ear, nothing new, same. But yesterday I receive another injection to control the virus. The doctor said was a little open, some good news. For that he will continue to apply injection, on Saturday and last on Wednesday, next week. Ear closed, and sound inside like old radio without signal. Now I am experiencing a low blood pressure problem which is causing blurring of my sight."


Mary Jane Fandrich
November 2

For some reason God doesn't do magic for us, as we could wish. We're dropped into the lions den before He does His rescue. No use asking not to be assigned to the lions.
Here at Home of Hope we keep praying for wisdom for caring for the children. Last evening we had 15 children in the nursery reenacting Daniel in the Lion's Den. We had a king with a paper crown, a Daniel all eager for the part, three ready to tell the king that Daniel refuses to pray to him, and the rest of them happy to pounce on Daniel and chew him up. I forgot to tell them that God closed the lions' mouths. They're always willing to play it again.
This morning one of the teenage boys plunked himself down beside me here to watch me send email. It offered the opportunity to bring up the ArabBible program and parse through John 8:12 (I am the light of the world). His Arabic reading is very weak, but we repeated the effort several times. Third time through, he had it memorized.
We may be in the Lions' Den. But God has closed the lions' mouths.

Glenn and Fern Byerly

November 1

We are doing fine. Glenn has been on several antibiotics for almost a year
for MBA miko bacterium avium. It is like TB and although the Dr. says they
can't get his lungs back to normal they are keeping them from getting worse.

My hip replacement is a blessing. I can now walk without pain. When I saw
the doctor in Aug he said it almost seemed like a normal hip.

Bonnie and I just planted grass on Saturday. Glenn and I usually walk
with the dog. Glenn helps Brenda with her three year old twins twice a

Knox Youth Dinner and Food Bank
October 31

Thanks so much for your ongoing prayers and encouragement. A workable solution to carry on Bill and Vicki's legacy has been reached. This will involve church liaison, Alvin Kim. Sarah, Carole and Rachel will provide additional support, especially in implementing safety improvements. Jen and Chris will be the on-the-ground program leaders. A November 7 start date seems doable. Pray for this amazing ministy and consider supporting it finacially.

Jim Mason
October 30

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An Encounter

Check out the re-edited acount of a near drowing experience 

Bill Fitch
October 26

An update on our ministry - with some fun thrown in.


Samaritan's Purse

Christmas Shoebox

Hanneke Cost Budde
October 21

Right now, Dr. Thomas is in Kahama as his brother is very sick. Other family members have deserted his brother who can barely walk and is confused. He was dehydrated and malnourished and needed a blood transfusion as well. They hope to do further testing next week.
Christina got her official results and passed with one B and all A's!
Mahona is totally excited about our trip to Mwanza tomorrow and starting university. He is already planning to show you around when you come!
Pray for Ngassa who is failing at school and is not taking it seriously. Pray for wisdom on my part! Thanks.   

Ruth Thomson
October 20

I would appreciate your prayers as these coming months of November, December and January are in confusion. You all know about David, my adopted African son. After November he can no longer renew his visa in the country in which he is working and will be stateless. He has been refused a Canadian visa so we are trying for an American visa which will hopefully facilitate a Canadian visa. Please pray that he will be able to get a visa and attend Bible College here in Ontario and then go on to fulfill his dream of being an evangelist.
My plans are intertwined with David’s visa plans. But I hope to go to Brazil in late November and visit many villages to encourage them in their walk with the Lord and initiate a team of Kayapó who can partner with me in revising the New Testament and go on to start Old Testament translation.
Above and beyond that, my Brazilian partner and I want to do more recordings of Scripture portions and Bible stories for that other closed tribe. And then a Brazilian Presbyterian minister together with Wakõkra, is making an outreach to yet another tribe and they want me to partner with them in this outreach – which I very much want to do as I am interested in this tribe.
Wow! Big plans for the Kayapó tribe, and then big plans for these other two tribes. Then I am still very much involved with the orphanage in Kenya. How can I fit all that into a few months? I certainly don’t know how God is going to work things out but I know He will. Please pray that the Lord will give me wisdom and strength for all of this.
I thank you for your prayers, your love and continued interest. And I thank God for complete healing of that virus that attacked me last March.

Sanctuary Renovations

Watch the video and follow links to learn more about the renovations around Knox.


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